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.net (dot net) Beginners Course - Online

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  • Entry requirements
    - PC with reasonably good configuration

    - Broadband connection (or Internet access using your Company/Organisation network etc.)

    - Headphones with microphone.

    - Basic knowledge of working with PC and Internet
  • Course description

    This is a ‘Basic’ course designed to teach the concepts of .Net Languages, Framework, Object Oriented Programming Concepts etc.

    Introduction to .NET

    • What Is the Microsoft .NET Framework?
    • What Is Visual Basic .NET?
    • An Example Visual Basic .NET Program

    The .NET Language

    • Source Files
    • Identifiers
    • Keywords
    • Literals
    • Types
    • Namespaces
    • Symbolic Constants
    • Variables
    • Scope
    • Access Modifiers
    • Assignment
    • Operators and Expressions
    • Statements
    • Classes
    • Exceptions
    • Events
    • Standard Modules
    • Attributes

    The .NET Framework

    • Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    • Common Type System (CTS)
    • Modules
    • Application Domains
    • Common Language Specification (CLS)
    • Intermediate Language (IL) and Just-In-Time (JIT) Compilation 117
    • Metadata
    • Memory Management and Garbage Collection
    • A Brief Tour of the .NET Framework Namespaces
    • Programming Visual Basic .NET

    Console Applications Development

    • Introduction to C#.Net & VB.Net
    • Basic program architecture & design
    • Advance object oriented concepts
    • Classes& Objects
    • Functions
    • Loops & Iterative Structures
    • String Operations
    • I/O operations

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