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    Grammar and the Different Parts of Speech Ø  An Overview of English Grammar;Ø  Spelling Unusual Words ;Ø  The Silent Vowel;Ø  The Peculiars;Ø  Word Formation:·         Root, Base and Affix;·         Simple, Complex and Compound Words.Ø  Speech Organisation;Ø  Nouns:·         Singular and Plural Nouns;·         Common Nouns;·         Proper Nouns;·         ‘Noun in a position;·         Countable Noun;·         Uncountable Noun.Ø  Noun Phrase:·         Introduction;·         Parts of a Noun Phrase;·         Modifiers of the Noun Head.Ø  Pronouns;Ø  Types of Pronouns:·         Relative Pronoun;·         Reciprocal Pronoun;·         Personal Pronoun;·         Indefinite Pronoun;  ·         Demonstrative Pronoun; ·         Reflexive Pronoun;    ·         Interrogative Pronoun.Ø  Verbs:·         Regular Verbs;·         Irregular Verbs;·         Transitive;·         Intransitive Verbs;·         Auxiliary Verbs.Ø  Verb Phrase:·         Introduction to Verb Phrase;·         Structure of the Verb Phrase;·         Finite and Non-Finite Verb Phrases;·         Modifiers of the Verb.Ø  Preposition and Phrasal Verbs;Ø  Adjectives;Ø  Adverbs;Ø  Adverbials;Ø  Prepositions;Ø  Exclamations or Interjections;Ø  Conjunction;Ø  Gerunds;Ø  The Superlatives;Ø  Using Tense appropriately:·         Present Tense;·         Past Tense;·         Simple Present Tense;·         Present Perfect Tense;·         Pluperfect or Past Perfect Tense;·         Future tense.Ø  Fundamentals of Reported Speech;Ø  Subjects and Objects:         ·         Relating number of verb to number of subject or object.Ø  Clauses:·         Main clauses;·         Subsidiary clauses.Ø  Types of clauses:·         Defining Clauses;·         Non-Defining Clauses;·         Noun Clauses;·         Adjectival Clauses;·         Adverbial Clauses.Ø  The Uses of Will/Would;Ø  The Uses of Shall;Ø  The Uses of Should;Ø  The Uses of Can/Could;Ø  The Uses of May/Might;Ø  The Uses of Must. Simple Sentence Patterns Ø  Sentences:·         Clausal Sentence;·         Compound Sentences.Ø  Subject and Predicate;Ø  Form and Function;Ø  Basic Patterns;Ø  Semantic Roles. Complex Sentences Ø  Introduction;Ø  Subordinate and Superordinate Clauses;Ø  Subordinate Clause and Matrix Clause;Ø  Structure of a Subordinate Clause;Ø  Functions of a Subordinate Clause;Ø  Adjectival Clauses;Ø  Appositive Clauses;Ø  Adverbial Clauses;Ø  Analysis of Complex Sentences. Coordination Ø  Introduction;Ø  Compound Sentences and Coordinate Clauses;Ø  Ellipsis in Coordinated Clauses;Ø  Meaning Related to Coordinating Conjunctions;Ø  Coordination of the Constituents of a Sentence. Focus Ø  Simple Sentences and Focus;Ø  Cleft Sentences;Ø  Pseudo-cleft Sentences. Writing Mechanics Ø  External Marks and the Comma:·         Punctuation;·         The Period;·         The Question Mark;·         The Exclamation Point;·         The Comma.Ø  Other Internal Marks:·         The Semicolon;·         The Colon;·         The Dash;·         The Hyphen;·         Quotation Marks;·         Parentheses;·         The Apostrophe.Ø  Abbreviations, Capitalisation, and Number Expression:·         

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