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Advanced International Legal Studies Postgraduate Course

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    Duration:3 Months Intensive Full-Time Programme Contents, Concepts and IssuesModule 1:Commercial LawM1. Part 1: Foundations of Commercial Law The Nature and Sources of Commercial Law:  The Law Merchant;  The Founding of English Commercial Law;  The Nature of Commercial Law;  The Interest to be Protected;  The Principal Sources of Commercial Law;  The Limitations of Judicial Precedent;  The Problem of Language. Basic Concepts of Personal Property:  Personal Property Defined;  The Distinguishing Characteristics of Personal Property;  Equitable Ownership;  Possession;  Dealings in Goods;  Dealings in Intangibles;  Conflicting Claims To Pure Personalty;  The Effect of Transfers by a Non-Owner;  Property and Obligation;  Identifying the Object of a Transfer Obligation  The Protection of Property Rights Through the Law Of Torts. Some Aspects of Contract Law:  The Nature and Function of Contract Law;  Promise and Bargain;  Contract as a Reflection of the Will of the Parties;  Formation and Avoidance;  The Classification of Statements Made in Contractual Setting;  Ascertaining the Contract Terms;  Construing the Contract;  Restrictions on What Can be Validly Stipulated;  The Privity Rule And Its Consequences;  Variations and Novations;  Waiver and Estoppels;  Remedies of Misrepresentation;  Performance of the Contract;  Remedies for Breach of Contract;  Illegality;  Frustration;  Commercial Contracts;  Agency in Commercial Transactions.M1. Part 2: Domestic Sales A Brief History of Sales Law; The Contract of Sale: Its Nature And Function:  Ambit of the Sale of Goods Act;  The Language of Sale of Goods Act;  The Contract of Sale Defined;  The Importance of the Statutory Definition;  The Supply of Goods and Services Bill. The Passing of the Property:  Identification of the Contract Goods;  Property: Some General Aspects;  The Time When Property Passes to the Buyer. Risk and Frustration:  The Meaning of “Risk”;  The General Principle of Risk: Res Perit Domino;  The Sales of Goods Act Rules on Frustration;  Wholly Unascertained Goods;  Quasi-Specific Goods;  Identified Goods;  Goods Supplied on Approval or on Sale or Return;  Insurance. Delivery:  The Concept of Delivery;  Modes of Delivery;  The Delivery Point;  Time of Delivery;  Expenses of Delivery;  Excuses for Non-Delivery;  The Buyer’s Duties;  Instalment Deliveries;  Remedies for Non-Delivery. The Statutory Implied Terms in Favour of the Buyer:  Conditions and Warranties;  Title, Freedom Form Encumbrances and Quiet Possession;  Correspondence with Description;  Merchantable Quality;  Fitness for Purpose;  Correspondence with Sample  The Exclusion of Liability for Fitness, Quality and Correspondence with Sample and Description;  Should Further Terms be Implied?;  The Effect of Replacement or Repair of Defective Goods; Rejection and Its Consequences:  The Right to Reject  Time of Rejection;  Mode of Rejection;  Loss of Right To Reject;  The Effect of Improper Rejection;

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