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Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy Course

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  • Practical experience
    Use of Video Cases; Written Cases; Simulations and Industrial Visits.
  • Entry requirements
    1st Degree or Equivalent Qualification
  • Academic Title
    Diploma - Postgraduate in Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy
  • Course description
    Course Programme for Anti-Dumping and Anti Subsidy

    Trade and the Global Economy

    Trade and the Global Economy

    The role of international trade in economic development, sustainability and growth

    Openness and productivity

    The World Trade Agreement (WTA) 1994

    The establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

    Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization

    Article I - Establishment of the Organization
    Article II - Scope of the WTO
    Article III - Functions of the WTO
    Article IV - Structure of the WTO
    Article V - Relations with other Organizations
    Article VI - The Secretariat
    Article VII - Budget and Contributions
    Article VIII - Status of the WTO
    Article IX - Decision-Making
    Article X – Amendments
    Article XI - Original Membership
    Article XII - Accession
    Article XIII - Non-Application of Multilateral Trade Agreements between Particular Members
    Article XIV - Acceptance, Entry into Force and Deposit
    Article XV – Withdrawal
    Article XVI - Miscellaneous Provisions
    The Uruguay Round Protocol GATT 1994

    Understanding The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

    GATT's relationship to environmental policy

    WTO Agreement on Agriculture

    WTO Agreement on Sanitary and Photo sanitary Measures

    WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing

    WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade

    WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Investment

    WTO Agreement on Pre-shipment Inspection

    WTO Agreement on Rules of Origin

    WTO Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures

    WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures

    WTO Agreement on Government Procurement

    Defining Dumping

    The effects of dumping on the economy of host countries

    The effects of dumping on the economy of domestic countries

    The effects of dumping on the economy of transhipment countries

    The patriotism stance: the British flag scenario

    Anti-dumping cases and measures

    An examination of selected Anti-dumping cases from:

    (1)         Argentina

    (2)         Brazil

    (3)         Chile

    (4)         China

    (5)         Colombia

    (6)         Czech Republic

    (7)         Korea

    (8)         India

    (9)         Malaysia

    (10)       Mexico

    (11)       New Zealand

    (12)       Philippines

    (13)       South Africa

    (14)       Taiwan

    (15)       Turkey


    An examination of some Anti-dumping measures taken by:

    1. Argentina

    2. Australia

    3. Brazil

    4. Canada

    5. Chile

    6. China, P.R.

    7. Chinese Taipei

    8. Colombia

    9. Costa Rica

    10. Czech Republic

    11. Egypt

    12. European Community

    13. Guatemala

    14. India

    15. Indonesia

    16. Israel

    17. Jamaica

    18. Japan

    19. Korea, Rep. of

    20. Latvia

    21. Lithuania

    22. Malaysia

    23. Mexico

    24. New Zealand

    25. Nicaragua

    26. Pakistan

    27. Paraguay

    28. Peru

    29. Philippines

    30. Poland

    31. Singapore

    32. South Africa

    33. Thailand

    34. Trinidad and Tobago

    35. Turkey

    36. United States

    37. Uruguay

    38. Venezuela

    Europe And World Trade Directorate

    The result of the European Commission’s Investigation of Allegations of Injury To The EU Steel Industry, Caused By Subsidised Imports From India And Korea

    Analysis of the EU Findings:

    Were other imports to blame?

    Does the domestic industry suffer from over capacity?

    The UK’s Stance on Anti-Dumping: A Departure from, and conflict with Europe

    The UK Trade And Investment White Paper, 'Making Globalisation A Force For Good'

    Analytical Support For The Trade And Investment White Paper

    The UK’s response to the EU Commission’s concern on anti-subsidy

    Some Anti-Dumping Conclusions:

    The Tendency Of All Countries To Take Action To Protect The Interest Of Their National Economies.

    The Necessitation of The Use Of Subsidies And/Or External Competition That Might Result In Dumping

    Why The Same Countries that Are Against Dumping Are Themselves Engaged In Dumping.

    Credence In The UK’s Stance On Subsidy And Dumping – As Positive Factors Of Globalisation.

    The World Is One Large Community, - With Separate Economic ‘Pockets’

    The need for a balance in Dumping-Antidumping Stance


    Services and Off-shoring: The Impact of Increasing International Competition in Services


    What the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)?

    The aim of the GATS

    GATS and WTO

    The Cancun WTO Ministerial Declaration

    How GATS is viewed by the European Commission

    GATS as an instrument to benefit business"

    The main points of critique of GATS

    Are Developing countries marginalized by GATS?

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