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  • Entry requirements
    UK Open Learning courses are specifically designed in a format that allows you to study at your own pace, in your own time, wherever you wish. This course is suitable for all students, regardless of age, and especially for the art lover who wants to develop a deeper appreciation of painting, sculpture and architecture in its historical context.
  • Academic title
    On successful completion of all of the assignments you will receive a UK Open Learning Diploma in Art History.
  • Course description
    Looking for an Art History distance learning course? Are you bewitched by the master painters? Fascinated by the development of Art over the ages? Then our Art History home study course would prove an exciting challenge.

    It takes you through the concept of art history, as well as discussing works of art and analysing the themes and topics covered. It then contextualises the subject by looking at its historical significance, finishing with an over view of art from 1400 to 1520 and 20th century art in Europe and the USA.

    No special qualifications are needed to study this course, but you should feel comfortable writing essays of 700 to 1,000 words.

    What will I gain from this course?

    This course covers art history from the fifteenth century to the present day. It will help you approach architecture, painting and sculpture with a fresh and informed eye. You will cover many of the major art movements and study the works from a variety of artists from different periods.

    What can I expect from this course?

    Taking a UK Open Learning course means there are a number of people to help you. You will be assigned a personal tutor, an experienced teacher, who will provide regular feedback by marking your assignments. You can contact your tutor by email, as well as by post. You must have access to the internet to complete this course, as you will need to download different images to be able to complete the course.

    Your course materials will contain:
    • an introduction to your personal tutor who will be assisting you in your learning
    • a student handbook containing valuable advice about your course
    • a course guide that will help you progress through the activities
    • a total of 5 self-contained study modules that are structured to help you learn
    • a total of 12 assignments that are designed to help you learn

    How long will the course take?

    Each of the course topics are self-contained and will allow you to work in your own time.

    There are also 12 assignments with advice on how and when to complete them.

    What topics are covered by this course?

    Course Guide

    Module 1: Studying art history

    • Unit 1: What is art history?

    Module 2: An introduction to art history
    • Unit 1: Discussing works of art
    • Unit 2: Themes and topics in art

    Module 3: Art in context

    • Unit 1: Historical and cultural contexts
    • Unit 2: How art is made and displayed

    Module 4: Painting, sculpture and architecture in Italy and Flanders from c.1400 to c.1520
    • Introduction to the module
    • Unit 1: Painting in Italy and Flanders from c. 1400 to c. 1520
    • Unit 2: Sculpture and architecture in Italy from c. 1400 to c. 1520

    Module 5: Painting, sculpture and architecture in Europe and the USA from c.1906 to c.1980 Introduction to the module
    • Unit 1: Painting in Europe and the USA from c.1906 to c.1980
    • Unit 2: Sculpture and architecture in Europe and the USA from c.1906 to c.1980

    Will I need any additional materials?

    You should obtain copies of the following books:
    • Gombrich: The Story of Art (Phaidon, 16th edition),
    • Murray: Penguin Dictionary of Art and Artists,art
    • Murray: The Art of the Renaissance;

    • Murray: The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance,
      Olson: Italian Renaissance and Sculpture (all Thames & Hudson);
    • Frampton: Modern Architecture: A Critical History (Thames & Hudson),
      Lynton: The Story of Modern Art (Phaidon)

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