BA Ancient History and History

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  • Objectives
    At The School of Archaeology and Ancient History, staff and students work together to create a fertile and stimulating environment for learning and furthering our knowledge of the past. Our aim as archaeologists and ancient historians is to enhance our understanding of the wonderful diversity of past ways of life that have left fragmentary traces in the form of material objects and texts. Our aim as teachers is to share with you that understanding, and our passion for the subject. The recognition the School has received for its teaching and research excellence, nationally and internationally, is testimony to our success in achieving these aims. This success is founded on our continuing commitment to students and to innovative, high-quality teaching.
  • Entry requirements
    Entry Requirements * A/AS levels: Three A levels usually required, two AS levels considered in place of one A level. History A level (Grade B) preferred for History & Archaeology and for Ancient History & History. Geography A level preferred for Geography and Archaeology. General Studies accepted. * GCSE: English and Mathematics usually required at grade C or above. * Access to HE courses: Pass, with at least the requisite credits at level 3. * European Baccalaureate: Pass with 70% overall. * International Baccalaureate: Pass Diploma with 28-30 points. * BTEC Nationals: Pass Diploma with DMM, plus any subject/GCSE requirements. * Leicestershire Progression Accord: 270-330 points plus full Accord credits. * Mature students welcomed: Alternative qualifications considered. * Second Year Entry: Possible for those with advanced qualifications strictly comparable with our degree structure, such as Certificate in Archaeology level 1 or a first year pass in an Archaeology or Ancient History degree from another University. * Other qualifications: Other national and international qualifications welcomed. * Interviews not normally required. * All applicants receiving an offer will be invited to visit the School.
  • Academic title
    BA Ancient History and History
  • Course description
    BA Ancient History and History


    First Year

    You will be introduced to Greek and Roman history, and you will undertake two language tools modules, one using material in ancient Greek and one in Latin, which introduce basic features of the languages as well as the types of documentary sources relevant to Ancient History. You will also study core modules in medieval and early modern history and a further module in history called people and places which focuses in depth on a particular historical place or person.
    Second Year

    You choose two aspects of Greek and Roman history to study in detail. Choices vary from year to year but may include: the development of the Greek city-state; political institutions of classical Athens; classical and hellenistic Greek states; politics and society in the late Roman Republic; and the Roman Principate. These modules are taught through a combination of lectures and seminars, with a strong emphasis on encountering ancient primary sources in translation. There is also an optional module in classical and post-classical Latin, which provides you with the opportunity to continue to develop your language skills, while a core module focuses in more depth on sources and methods in ancient history. You choose to study a multi-period thematic module on key historical themes such as race and ethnicity, gender, power, imperialism, cities, landscape, and industrialisation, as well as a further history option module from a broad list of topics that include: Anglo-Saxon England, The Madness of George III and The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union.

    Third Year

    You write a dissertation on a topic of your own choice and choose four specialist modules from a wide selection in ancient history and history. Ancient History choices vary from year to year but may include modules such as: Sparta in the Greek world; Greek countrysides; the Greek world after Alexander; politics in late Roman Republican society; North Africa in late antiquity; and Roman and American slavery. These are chiefly taught through seminars. This part of the course is intended to help you handle historical problems at a more advanced theoretical level, and to refine your skill in evaluating evidence and drawing conclusions from it. Current history choices include: medieval welfare state, crusading in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Holocaust, and the civil rights movement.

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