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BA Biblical Studies and Music

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  • Objectives
    Biblical Studies is a flexible programme that allows you to study the ancient civilizations that contributed to the development of the Bible and their languages, including Hebrew and Greek, alongside the use of the Bible in contemporary society, including politics, art, film, literature, and music. Music courses offer variety of pathways through a broad and diverse spectrum of musical practice, encompassing ethnomusicology, composition and performance, the history of music, the psychology of music, the study of jazz and popular music, music education, music technology, and the music business.
  • Entry requirements
    -GCE/VCE A Levels - ABB -Two GCE A Levels plus two GCE AS Levels - AB+BB -Scottish Highers - AAAB -Irish Leaving Cert. - AABBB -International Baccalaureate - 33 points -Core Requirements - Grade A or B in A Level Music
  • Academic Title
    Biblical Studies and Music BA
  • Course description
    This is a list of modules that have been offered in the past. We expect similar modules to be offered for courses starting in 2009.

    Typical First Year Modules

    -De-coding the Bible    
    -From Creation to Revelation: The Bible's Founding Narrative    
    -Case Studies in Western Music
    -Critical Responses to Music    
    -Individual Project    
    -Introduction to Harmony and Counterpoint    
    -Introduction to Studio Techniques    
    -Listening Skills    
    -Music History    
    -Music of the World    
    -Popular Music Studies    
    -Stylistic Harmony    

    Typical Second Year Modules

    -Analytical Approaches to Music    
    -Classical Harmony    
    -Contemporary Popular Music    
    -Creative Applications of Music Technology    
    -Early Nineteenth-Century Harmonic Styles    
    -Ensemble Class
    -Greek Texts    
    -Greek Texts    
    -Hebrew Texts    
    -Intermediate Composition    
    -Jazz History    
    -Late Sixteenth-Century Counterpoint    
    -Messiaen and His Times    
    -Music Perception    
    -Music and Arts Administration    
    -Music and the Recording Industry    
    -Music in Culture and Society    
    -Music in the Community
    -Music of Africa    

    -Musical Culture in East Asia    
    -Nineteenth-Century Symphonic Thought    
    -Orchestral Technique    
    -Paul and His World    
    -Practical Skills    
    -Practice and Concepts of Improvisation    
    -Psychological Approaches to Performance    
    -Sound Recording Practice    
    -Studies in Music since 1945
    -The American Experimental Tradition    
    -The Bible and Archaeology    
    -The Bible and Gender
    -The Bible and Images of Christ
    -The Bible and the Fourfold Gospel    
    -The Bible and the Historical Imagination    
    -The Bible and the Literary Imagination    
    -The Bible and the Poetry of the Erotic (Song of Songs)    
    -The Bible and the Postcolonial World    
    -The Bible and the Prophetic VIsion    
    -The Bible and the Tragic Vision (Samuel)    
    -The Late Baroque    
    -The Operas of Mozart    
    -The String Quartet, 1770-1828    
    -Wagnerian Music Drama    
    -World Music Performance    

    Typical Third Year Modules

    -Dissertation (Dual Honours)    
    -Extended Dissertation
    -Extended Portfolio of Compositions    
    -Extended Prepared Instrumental or Vocal Recital    
    -Ballet Music in the Twentieth Century    
    -Imaging God    
    -Music in Paris 1900-45    
    -Paul and His World    
    -Portfolio of Compositions    
    -Prepared Instrumental or Vocal Recital
    -The Bible and Archaeology    
    -The Bible and Field Archaeology    
    -The Bible and Gender    
    -The Bible and Images of Christ    
    -The Bible and Perspectives on Paul    
    -The Bible and Theology    
    -The Bible and the Apocalyptic Imagination (Revelation)
    -The Bible and the Liberation of the Oppressed (Exodus)    
    -The Bible and the Pauline Persona (Galatians)    
    -The Bible and the Poetry of the Erotic (Song of Songs)    
    -The Bible and the Tragic Vision (1 Samuel)    
    -The Gospel and the Gospels

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