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BA French and Economics

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  • Objectives
    This is a four year course offered jointly by the Departments of French and Economics. French: Acquiring a high standard of oral and written fluency is central to all levels of the course. At level one we also introduce you to French society and culture from the medieval period to the present day, including film studies, and to modern French history and institutions. Further specialist options in these areas are taught at level two.
  • Practical experience
    Year Abroad: All courses in French are four years, with the third year spent in France or another French-speaking country. Students studying French only, or in combination with another, non-language subject, spend the whole year in France
  • Entry requirements
    -GCE/VCE A Levels - BBB -Two GCE A Levels plus two GCE AS Levels - BB+BB -Scottish Highers - AABB -Irish Leaving Cert. - ABBBB -International Baccalaureate - 30-32 points -Core Requirements - Grade B in French at GCE A Level plus Grade B in GCSE Maths or equivalent. Economics not essential.
  • Academic Title
    BA French and Economics
  • Course description
    This is a list of modules that have been offered in the past. We expect similar modules to be offered for courses starting in 2009.

    Typical First Year Modules

    -Economic Analysis and Policy 1 
    -Economic Analysis and Policy 2  
    -Statistical Methods for Economics
    -French Studies I
    -French Studies II 
    -Language and Communication Skills I 
    -Language and Communication Skills II 
    -Mathematical Methods for Economics 1 
    -Mathematical Methods for Economics 2 
    Typical Second Year Modules

    -Macroeconomic Principles 
    -Microecnomic Principles  
    -Actualites Francaises I 
    -Actualites Francaises II
    -Language and Communication Skills III
    -Language and Communication Skills IV 
    -Applied Economics 
    -Economics of the European Union 
    -Further Mathematical Methods for Economics
    -The Economics of Education 
    -The Economics of Well Being 
    -Crime and Fiction in French: I
    -Crime and Fiction in French: II
    -Francophone Women Poets I  
    -Francophone Women Poets II 
    -History Of The Language I
    -History Of The Language II 
    -Images of the Occupation I  
    -Images of the Occupation II  
    -L'Exclusion Sociale en France I
    -L'Exclusion Sociale en France II
    -La Bande Dessinee I
    -La Bande Dessinee II 
    -La Francophonie: Langue, Colonie et Civilisation I
    -La Francophonie: Langue, Colonie et Civilisation II 
    -Le Francais des Affaires I
    -Le Francais des Affaires II  
    -Medieval Short Stories I
    -Medieval Short Stories II 
    -Narratives of Confinement I
    -Narratives of Confinement II 
    -New French Theatres 1950 - 1970 I
    -New French Theatres 1950 - 1970 II
    -Teaching Modern Languages I
    -Teaching Modern Languages II 
    -Twentieth-Century Literature And Thought I
    -Twentieth-Century Literature And Thought II 
    -Writing the Revolution I
    -Writing the Revolution II  

    Typical Third Year Modules
    -French Year Abroad 
    -French Year Abroad  
    -French Year Abroad (Project) 
    -French Year Abroad (Project)  


    Typical Fourth Year Modules

    -Language and Communication Skills V 
    -Language and Communication Skills VI
    -Advanced Economic Analysis  
    -Development Economics 
    -Environmental and Resource Economics 
    -Health Economics
    -Industrial Organisation  
    -International Trade
    -Labour Economics 
    -Mathematical Economics
    -Modern Finance 
    -Public Sector Economics 
    -Taxation in Theory and Practice 
    -The International Economy 
    -Contemporary Theatres in France I
    -Contemporary Theatres in France II 
    -Feminism in Contemporary French Culture and Thought I
    -Feminism in Contemporary French Culture and Thought II 
    -France in the Fifties I 
    -France in the Fifties II 
    -Gender, Society and Economy in France
    -Gender, Society and Economy in France II
    -La Politique et la Fiction II
    -La Politique et la fiction I
    -Le Rire Gaulois I
    -Le Rire Gaulois II 
    -Le Siècle des Lumières I  
    -Le Siècle des Lumières II 
    -Literature and Politics of the 'Post(-)colonial' I
    -Literature and Politics of the 'Post-Colonial' I
    -Literature and Society of French Canada I 
    -Literature and Society of French Canada II 
    -Paris Post War I 
    -Paris Post-War II 
    -Perceptions of Women in Medieval and Renaissance France I
    -Perceptions of Women in Medieval and Renaissance France II
    -Réflexions sur la Société de Consommation: I
    -Réflexions sur la Société de Consommation: II 
    -Surrealism I 
    -Surrealism II

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    - BA French and Hispanic Studies
    - BA French and History
    - BA French and Linguistics
    - BA French and Management
    - BA French and Music
    - BA French and Philosophy
    - BA French and Politics
    - BA French and Russian
    - BA French with Czech
    - BA French with Dutch
    - BA French with Japanese 
    - BA French with Polish

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