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BA German Studies (4 Years)

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  • Entry requirements
    Selected entry requirements English language: Candidates must be proficient in the English language, which is the language of instruction and examination at the university. Acceptable English Language qualifications include IELTS 6.5, CPE grade C, CAE Grade B or another equivalent A level: Grades BBC including German. AS level: Two AS-Levels may be accepted in place of the third A-Level. Unit grade information: The University of Manchester welcomes the provision of unit grade information which, like all other available information, will inform the consideration of applications. Unit grades will not normally form part of offer conditions, except for Mathematics programmes. GCSE: Minimum grade C in English Language. Key Skills qualification: The University warmly welcomes applications from students studying the Key Skills qualification. However, as the opportunities to take these modules are not open to all applicants, currently this is not an essential requirement of the University. International baccalaureate: 31 points overall including German grade 5 or 6 at higher level Additional entry requirements Additional entry requirements exist for this course. You may view these by selecting from the list below.
  • Academic Title
    BA German Studies
  • Course description
    Course description
    BA (Hons) German Studies gives you a comprehensive grounding in German language, literature, culture, history and linguistics.  It enables you to become proficient enough in German to live and work effectively in a German-speaking environment.  Core language courses at all levels of study are complemented by a variety of other subject areas, and by a year spent in a German-speaking country. We have specialists in an unusually wide range of German-related subjects, so that you can focus on subjects that really appeal to you in your final year of study.

    Joint Honours (One language)

    You can combine your German studies with other subjects from across the School and University drawing on expertise from the wider academic community.

    -Business Management and German
    -English Language & German
    -English Literature & German
    -History of Art & German
    -European Studies & German
    -History & German
    -German & Linguistics
    -Screen Studies & German

    Joint Honours (Two Languages)

    German can be studied with another foreign language provided one of the languages has been studied to A' level standard (or equivalent)

    -Middle Eastern Language & a Modern Language (Middle Eastern languages include Arabic, Hebrew. Persian and Turkish)
    -German & French
    -German & Portuguese
    -German & Spanish
    -German & Russian
    -German & Chinese
    -German & Japanese
    -German & Italian

    Masters of Modern Language

    These are enhanced undergraduate degrees for those students who have studied both languages to A2 (or equivalent) level.

    -MML German & French
    -MML German & Italian
    -MML German & Russian
    -MML German & Spanish
    -MML German & Chinese

    Special features
    You will be introduced to a range of academic expertise that is amongst the widest in UK German studies.  At Manchester conventional distinctions between a  `traditional' approach, focusing on language plus literature, and a `progressive' approach, with its emphasis on modern German life and culture, are superseded by a broader vision, recognising both the relevance of tradition and the ever-present need for innovation.  Our specialisms include historical and contemporary linguistics, literary studies, film and cultural studies, women's studies, modern history and the Holocaust.

    Our teaching, which has been praised in the Teaching Quality Assessment and by our External Examiners, is backed up by an innovative Independent Language Learning Programme, which enables students to take control of their own learning experience

    Course content for year 1
    The first year equips you with a range of important skills: linguistic expertise; the ability to read and analyse material; and skills in presentation, group work and independent language learning.  You are trained in modern spoken and written German through a core language course in which you work with German texts, write short essays and engage in discussions in German (this language instruction takes place in German and is taught principally by native speakers).  At the same time you reinforce your grammar and vocabulary through monitored self-study.

    You are given an introduction to the German-speaking countries: their geography, politics, culture and society.  You also get to know how issues such as the environment, unemployment, and racism are viewed in Germany.
    In addition you take a set of other broad-based courses designed to give you an essential grounding in key areas of German culture, history and linguistics.  Most of the teaching on these courses is in English, so that you can focus fully on the new concepts introduced to you.  In this way we hone not only your German language skills, but also your expression and accuracy in English.
    Course content for year 2
    In the second year of your programme you build on the grounding already established in year one.  This year's core language course develops that of the previous year and prepares you for the linguistic challenges of your year abroad.  Within it you can continue with a study of culture and society in Germany and Austria, or take a course in business German - Wirtschaftsdeutsch.

    You also continue your programme of monitored self-study to complement your language classes.

    The other courses available in your second year are more numerous and specialised than in the first year.

    Course content for year 3
    Your third year of study is spent abroad under approved conditions.

    Course content for year 4
    In your final year you resume your studies in Manchester with a core language course and a choice of a very wide range of  specialised courses.  Language study is centred on translation into and out of German, essay writing, and oral work involving discussion of texts, debates and presentations.

    Also available in this year are course units which cover topics closely related to the research interests of individual members of staff.

    As part of your final-year work, you write a dissertation on a theme of your choice which is related to one of your courses. Most students find this an especially rewarding part of their degree programme. 
    Course collaborators
    German can be studied with several other subjects at the University of Manchester. 

    Joint Honours (1 Language)

    You can combine your German studies with other subjects from across the School and University such as business and management, history, history of art and English literature drawing on expertise from the wider academic community.

    Joint Honours (2 Languages)

    If you are studying German to A2 (or equivalent) level you can combine it with another language as a joint honours degree. 

    Masters of Modern Language

    These are enhanced undergraduate degrees for those students who have studied two languages to A2 (or equivalent) level.

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