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BA History and Hispanic Studies

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  • Objectives
    On a four-year dual honours degree in History and a modern language you'll develop your language skills while you investigate the past. You will learn about the literature, culture and language of your chosen country, and spend your third year abroad. The History Department also offers several modules in Spanish history, which can be very useful in tying the two halves of your degree together but which are not compulsory.
  • Entry requirements
    -GCE/VCE A Levels - BBB (including History) -Two GCE A Levels plus two GCE AS Levels - B (History) B+BB -Scottish Highers - AABB -Irish Leaving Cert. - ABBBB -International Baccalaureate - 32 points -Core requirements - grade B in GCE A Level History
  • Academic Title
    BA History and Hispanic Studies
  • Course description

    This is a list of modules that have been offered in the past. We expect similar modules to be offered for courses starting in 2009.

    Typical First Year Modules

    -Paths from Antiquity to Modernity 
    -History of the United States of America 1776-2004
    -Pagans, Christians and Heretics in Medieval Europe 
    -Spanish Advanced: Language and Culture I 
    -Spanish Advanced: Language and Culture II
    -Spanish Beginners: Language and Culture I 
    -Spanish Beginners: Language and Culture II 
    -The Disenchantment of the European World 
    -The Making of the Twentieth Century
    -The Transformation of Britain, 1800 to the Present 
    Typical Second Year Modules

    -Historians and History 
    -Advanced Spanish Language I
    -Advanced Spanish Language II 
    -A Fragile Freedom Won: The African American Experience 1865-1955
    -Cold War America 
    -Colonising America: Europeans and the New World, 1450-1763
    -Contesting Power: Social and Political Thought in History
    -Decolonisation: Britain's Retreat from Empire
    -Disease, Medicine and Health Care in Early Modern Europe 
    -Fascism 1918-1945 
    -France 1870-1940: Nation Building from Revolution to Military Collapse 
    -From World War to Cold War: Europe 1945-1968 
    -Frontiers and Failures: Lost Nations of the Eightenth-Century 
    -Gender and Sexuality on Modern Britain, 1850 to the Present
    -Gender, Culture and Society in Britain 1650-1850 
    -Gender, Culture and Society: Britain 1689 - 1837
    -Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 
    -Imperialism and Resistance in South Asia, c.1885-1947 
    -Media and Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century Britain
    -Poor Law to Welfare State: Social Change in Britain since 1800 
    -Sacred Violence in the Medieval Mediterranean 
    -Sacred Violence in the Medieval Mediterranean 
    -Southern Africa in the Wider World, 1850-1919 
    -Spain, 1917-1982 
    -The Carolingians and the Birth of Europe 
    -The European Reformation 
    -The Fall of the Roman Empire in the West 
    -The International History of the State 
    -The Origins of the American Civil War, 1848-1861 
    -The Struggle for England's Soul: Politics, Religion and Cultural Conflict 1560-1640 
    -Tolerance and Dissent in Europe (12th - 16th Centuries)
    -Warriors, Saints and Heroes in Early Medieval Britain 
    -Cinema, Nation and Identity in the Hispanic World  
    -Contemporary Latin America (Cuba)
    -Contemporary Latin America (Mexico) 
    -Cuban Culture and the Revolution 
    -Further Portuguese: Language and Culture I
    -Further Portuguese: Language and Culture II 
    -Hispanic Film and Human Rights 
    -Intensive Catalan I 
    -Intensive Catalan II 
    -Intensive Portuguese I 
    -Intensive Portuguese II 
    -Linguistic Developments in Modern Spain 
    -Narrative Perspectives on Post-Civil War Spain 
    -Representations of Latin America 
    -Spain and Enlightenment 
    -Spanish American 20th-Century Literature I 
    -Spanish Language in Business Contexts 
    -The Novels of Benito Perez Galdos 
    -Troubled Times: Writers and Social Conflict in the Spain of the 1930s 

    Typical Third Year Modules

    -Hispanic Studies Year Abroad 
    Hispanic Studies Year Abroad 
    -Hispanic Studies Year Abroad (Project) 
    Hispanic Studies Year Abroad (Project)  

    Typical Fourth Year Modules

    -The Uses of History 
    -Advanced Spanish Language III 
    -Advanced Spanish Language IV 

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