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BA History of Art and a Modern Language (French) (4 Years)

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  • Entry requirements
    Selected entry requirements English language: Candidates must be proficient in the English language, which is the language of instruction and examination at the university. Acceptable English Language qualifications include IELTS 6.5, CPE grade C, CAE Grade B or another equivalent A level: Grades ABB including French at grade A. AS level: Two AS-Levels may be accepted in place of the third A-Level. Unit grade information: The University of Manchester welcomes the provision of unit grade information which, like all other available information, will inform the consideration of applications. Unit grades will not normally form part of offer conditions, except for Mathematics programmes. GCSE: Minimum grade C in English Language. Key Skills qualification: The University warmly welcomes applications from students studying the Key Skills qualification. However, as the opportunities to take these modules are not open to all applicants, currently this is not an essential requirement of the University. International baccalaureate: 33 points overall including French grade 7 at higher level Additional entry requirements Additional entry requirements exist for this course. You may view these by selecting from the list below.
  • Academic Title
    BA History of Art and a Modern Language (French)
  • Course description
    Course description

    Studying History of Art and a Modern Language at Manchester gives you the opportunity to experience teaching from across 2 of our Schools; Arts, Histories & Cultures and Languages, Linguistics & Cultures bringing together expertise across a wide range of subject areas.

    This four year course will give you access to History of art and Visual Studies course units covering European and North American art and architecture from the Ancient Greek world to the present, as well as courses in Middle Eastern and South Asian art.  Alongside this, you will undertake a core language course and cultural content courses in your chosen language of study.

    Special features
    The History of Art side of this course allows both for broad choice and for in-depth study and research. The teaching team has particular strengths in all periods of Western art from Classical to Contemporary. Some members of staff have particular interests in architecture, the decorative arts, art theory, visual culture, film and museology.   

    If you are interested in the history of the visual arts, and take an active interest in exhibitions, museums and the art world, then this course offers you an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the production of art, its contexts and its display. You will have the chance to examine art works in detail and to explore the many and complex ways in which art and society are connected.
    The Modern Language courses stand out both in terms of language provision and the non-language courses available.  Native speakers will help you to develop your speaking and listening proficiency.

    The course has a rigorous language programme across all years of study allowing you to explore all sorts of areas of language and culture.

    Course content for year 1
    Your first year will introduce you to a range of disciplines across your subjects.  Your time will be split equally between History of Art and your modern language with 60 credits in each area.  As well as studying a range of materials from the ancient world to the present and key issues in the discipline of Art History mentioned above, you will be trained in the modern spoken and written language of your choice through a compulsory core language course.

    Course content for year 2
    As you move into your second year you can choose to maintain an equal weighting between the two subjects or devote more time to either History of Art or your modern language.  In History of Art you can take courses which cover a very broad range of subject matter from a wide range of historical periods. You will also examine key thinkers and debates which shape the History of Art as a discipline.  The core language course is organised along the lines of the first-year course, though at a more advanced level, while the optional course units available in your second year are more numerous and specialised than before.

    Course content for year 3
    Your third year of study is spent abroad under approved conditions. 

    Course content for year 4
    In your final year you can again choose to study History of Art and your modern language equally or devote more of your study time to the field you prefer. In History of Art you can take a semester long Option courses which allow you in-depth contact with a wide range of subjects (many of which are the specialist areas of the members of teaching staff). These courses are often focused on an area of study defined by genre, artistic identity, medium or approach.  Your modern language study will also be more focussed and will cover areas of language, culture and society.

    Finally you will also write a dissertation (an essay of 10,000-12,000 words) on a topic of your own choosing in either your modern language or History of Art. The dissertation gives you the chance to research a subject in depth and helps you to refine your research and study skills. It also gives you the skills necessary to organise a coherent argument over a long piece of writing.

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