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BA Materials Science and Engineering

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  • Objectives
    Our Materials Science and Engineering courses are all about giving you the ability to tackle situations that materials scientists and engineers encounter on an everyday basis. You will learn how to tailor the properties of materials to meet design requirements, using an understanding of their structure, composition and processing. We provide you with a solid basis in the underlying science and we use a hands-on approach and exposure to real situations to give you a good understanding of practical applications. Case studies, design projects, group industrial projects, laboratory work, manufacturing plant visits, tutorials and the five-month paid placement in industry (MEng option only) are all designed to aid your development as a scientist and engineer. A key feature of our degrees is their flexibility. We offer courses leading to either BEng or MEng qualifications, involving three or four years of study respectively. You do not need to decide between a BEng or MEng until the end of Year Two, when you will have enough knowledge and experience to make an informed decision. If you already know which area of materials you are most interested in, you may wish to take one of our specialised courses in metals or materials applications for aerospace from Year One. Alternatively, you can follow the broader-based materials degree for three or four years, or decide to specialise in a particular material - such as metals or polymers - from the end of Year Two. Our high level of research funding provides excellent resources that are used by undergraduate students as well as postgraduate students and staff. Financial assistance: The Department offers first-year Entrance Bursaries to students on this course with high entry qualifications.
  • Entry requirements
    Entry requirements GCE/VCE A Levels - typically BBC BTEC National Diploma - 2 Distinctions and 1 Merit Two GCE A Levels plus two GCE AS Levels - Typically BB+CC Scottish Highers - AAAB-ABBB + AB-BB in Advanced Highers Irish Leaving Cert. - AABBB-ABBBB International Baccalaureate - 30-33 points Core Requirements - GCE A Level in two of Maths, Physics and Chemistry, or one at A Level and two at AS Level. Applications from students with A or AS Level Design & Technology or A Level Biology are encouraged. We consider each application on its merits and may tailor our offer to suit your achievements, experience and potential.
  • Academic Title
    BA Materials Science and Engineering
  • Course description
    Our students usually select from a range of compulsory and optional modules to add up to 120 credits.

    Some departments offer courses that don't feature optional modules whereas other courses are fully flexible.

    Important notice :
    This is a list of modules that have been offered in the past. We expect similar modules to be offered for courses starting in 2009.
    This information is provided for illustration only and you should check with the department directly when applying to confirm module options.

    Typical First Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties  20
    Professional and Transferable Skills  20
    Functional Materials 1  10
    Functional Materials II  10
    Introduction to Materials Technology  10
    Material Science: Where To/How Fast? I  10
    Mathematics 1a (Materials)  10
    Mathematics 1b (Materials)  10
    Structure and Bonding of Materials  10
    Balancing Chemistry  10
    Balancing Physics  10
    French 1A  10
    French 2A  10
    French 3A  10
    German 1A  10
    German 2A  10
    German 3A  10
    Italian 1A  10
    Italian 1A  10
    Italian 2A  10
    Materials in Medicine and Dentistry  10
    Spanish 1A  10
    Spanish 1A  10
    Spanish 2A  10
    Spanish 3A  10
    Typical Second Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Deformation of Materials  10
    Functional Materials III  10
    Materials Science: Where to/How fast? - II  10
    Materials Selection, Design and Reverse Engineering  10
    Mathematics II (Materials)  10
    Microstructural Design and Control  10
    Polymers and Composites  10
    Practicals in Processing and Analysis  10
    Principles of Materials Processing  10
    Structural Characterisation  10
    Structural Chemistry and Crystallography  10
    French 1B  10
    French 2B  10
    French 3B  10
    German 1B  10
    German 2B  10
    German 3B  10
    Italian 1B  10
    Italian 2B  10
    Materials in Medicine and Dentistry  10
    Numerical Methods  10
    Solid State Materials Chemistry  10
    Spanish 1B  10
    Spanish 2B  10
    Spanish 3B  10
    Typical Third Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Literature Survey and Project  30
    Advanced Glasses and Ceramics  10
    Advanced Structural and Chemical Analysis  10
    Advanced Thermodynamics and Kinectics  10
    Failures and Case Study  10
    Fracture Mechanics and Heat Transfer  10
    Functional Polymers and Surface analysis  10
    Solidification and Thermomechanical Processing  10
    Surface Degradation and Protection  10
    Chemistry of Silicate Materials  10
    Composite Micromechanics and Strong Reinforcing Fibres  10
    Mathematics II (Materials)  10
    Metals  10
    Numerical Methods  10
    Structures and Properties of Glasses  10

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