Clinical Dermatology (MSc-Diploma)

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  • Objectives
    The Diploma in Clinical Dermatology course is a structured programme designed for doctors who wish to specialise in dermatology. The course gives firm grounding in the fundamentals of clinical and scientific dermatology. The course is suitable for overseas medical graduates in particular but is also appropriate as an additional course to contribute to any dermatology specialist training programme.
  • Entry requirements
    Entry Requirements:
    Applicants for the Diploma must be qualified in medicine and have had at least two years general medical experience. Candidates for progression to the MSc must have passed the Diploma in Clinical Dermatology.
  • Academic title
    Clinical Dermatology (MSc/Diploma)
  • Course description
    Course Description:
    This is a full-time course covering a complete academic year commencing at the beginning of October. Examinations held at the end of the course lead to the Diploma in Clinical Dermatology. There are frequent lectures both from members of the dermatology department in Cardiff and from specialist speakers from other major British dermatology centres. There is regular clinical tuition and there are visits to other specialist dermatology departments in the United Kingdom.

    After the successful completion of the Diploma in Clinical Dermatology course, students are eligible for progression to the Master of Science Degree. The duration of the MSc course extension is 3 months. This commences in July and consists of taught and dissertation elements.

    Diploma in Clinical Dermatology

    The course is designed to give a firm grounding in the fundamentals of modern British dermatology. It gives priority to clinical instruction, but also emphasises the scientific content of dermatology. It therefore gives prominence to the following topics:

    Skin histopathology
    Clinical immunology as applied to dermatology
    Microbiology of the skin
    Skin surgical techniques
    Newer diagnostic techniques
    Research methods in dermatology
    Cosmetic dermatology
    Other major topics covered include: The relationships between the skin and internal disorders; Socio-economic and psychological consequences of skin disease; Pharmacology and the skin, and principles of treatment of skin disease; Tropical dermatology, Cutaneous aspects of sexually transmitted disease, and Contact dermatitis.

    Assessment: in-course assessment is carried out during the course in which group activities, a short clinical review and clinical performance is assessed. The examinations are held at the end of the course in June. The examination consists of clinical and written segments.

    MSc in Clinical Dermatology

    The MSc course is designed for individuals who have recently successfully completed the Diploma in Clinical Dermatology course at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University. The final part of the course is of three months duration commencing at the beginning of July.

    All candidates who have passed the Diploma in Clinical Dermatology are allowed to progress to the MSc course.

    The programme consists of a dissertation element and MSc students actively participate in all major departmental meetings and all local and regional dermatology society activities held at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University.  There is a Viva Voce Examination on the dissertation following its submission and marking.  This is usually held in November.

    Special Features:
    Additional activities: in recognition of the value of learning from fellow students and other colleagues a number of group activities to encourage a more interactive and problem based approach to learning are included in the programme.  These include:

    -Attendance, with teaching, at regular outpatient dermatology clinics
    -Detailed clinical tutorials, related to patients with specific interesting conditions
    -Regular lectures and slide tutorials on a wide range of clinical topics
    -A two-week placement at the Dermatology Day Treatment Unit for practical clinical experience
    -Dermatology Continuing Professional Development Society: we have recently established the Dermatology Continuing Professional Development Society which all Diploma in Clinical Dermatology and Master of Science Degree holders automatically join at the end of their course.  Members have access to a professional international online community and are invited to attend the annual society meeting.

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