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Course - Dreamweaver 8 - Distance

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  • Course description
    The series helps you learn how to efficiently layout, develop, and maintain standards-based websites. Tutorials are also peppered with tips and tricks that can only be learned from an avid user of the software.
    • Get up to speed quickly with an in-depth overview of this award-winning web development tool.
    • Understand the numerous capabilities of working in this flexible software that is both a design tool and code editor.
    • Learn how to quickly incorporate video and other multimedia into your web site and make more efficient updates.

    Session 1

    1. Introducing the Interface (24 min)
    Lesson 1: Getting Started
    Lesson 2: The Insert Bar & Properties Inspector Panel
    Lesson 3: The Menu Bar
    Lesson 4: The Status Bar
    Lesson 5: Preferences

    2. Creating Your First Website (20 min)
    Lesson 1: Setting Up a New or Existing Site
    Lesson 2: Creating a New Document
    Lesson 3: Adding & Formatting Text
    Lesson 4: Setting Fonts for a Web Page
    Lesson 5: Creating Lists, Indenting, & Changing Text Color

    3. Adding Images & Links (23 min)
    Lesson 1: Saving Images for the Web
    Lesson 2: Inserting & Aligning Images on a Web Page
    Lesson 3: Creating Links & Previewing in a Browser
    Lesson 4: Creating an Email Link
    Lesson 5: Creating a Jump Link & Testing Links

    4. Creating Sites Using Templates (15 min)
    Lesson 1: Browsing Templates
    Lesson 2: Creating a Website from a Template
    Lesson 3: Adding Images to a Starter Page
    Lesson 4: Updating Files & Changing Background Colors

    5. Designing with Tables (32 min)
    Lesson 1: Creating Tables on a Web Page
    Lesson 2: Altering Tables Using the Properties Inspector
    Lesson 3: Creating a New Site
    Lesson 4: Placing Images & Graphics into Tables
    Lesson 5: Aligning Text & Graphics in Tables
    Lesson 6: Adding a Background Color
    Lesson 7: Using Tracer Images in Layout Mode
    Lesson 8: Building Pages over Tracer Images
    Lesson 9: Inserting Text from Other Files
    Lesson 10: Tweaking Layouts to Create Perfect Pages

    6. Creating Online Forms (19 min)
    Lesson 1: Setting Up an Online Form
    Lesson 2: Adding Radio Buttons & List Menus
    Lesson 3: Creating Text Fields & Areas
    Lesson 4: Adding Checkboxes & Submit Buttons
    Lesson 5: Setting Properties for Form Submission

    7. Saving Time with Libraries, Assets, & More (20 min) Lesson 1: Getting Started with Site Setup & Linking
    Lesson 2: Creating & Using Library Items
    Lesson 3: Editing Library Items
    Lesson 4: Using the Assets Panel
    Lesson 5: Using the Find and Replace Command
    Lesson 6: Checking Spelling & Editing a Dictionary

    8. Creating Websites with Frames (25 min)
    Lesson 1: Introducing Frames & Framesets
    Lesson 2: Creating Frames & Framesets
    Lesson 3: Saving Framesets
    Lesson 4: Tricks for Inserting Images & Setting Scroll Bars
    Lesson 5: Using Tables with a Frameset
    Lesson 6: Linking Thumbnail Images with Full-Size Images
    Lesson 7: Dos & Don'ts about Using Frames

    9. Dreamweaver Tips & Tricks (64 min)
    Lesson 1: Integrating Photoshop® with Dreamweaver®
    Lesson 2: Setting Display Options
    Lesson 3: Saving Features as Favorites
    Lesson 4: Organizing Files & Folders
    Lesson 5: Targeting Links
    Lesson 6: Adding Metatags
    Lesson 7: Using the History Panel
    Lesson 8: Adding PDFs to Web Pages
    Lesson 9: Using Rollovers for Fun & Games
    Lesson 10: Using Animated GIFs
    Lesson 11: Backing It Up
    Lesson 12: Closing Comments & Credits

    Session 2

    1. Rollovers & Other Image Tricks (22 min)
    Lesson 1: Creating & Inserting Rollover Images
    Lesson 2: Drawing Image Maps
    Lesson 3: Cropping Images on a Page
    Lesson 4: Resizing & Slicing Images in Fireworks®

    2. Saving Time with Templates (37 min)
    Lesson 1: Creating a Template from an Existing Page
    Lesson 2: Setting Editable & Uneditable Regions
    Lesson 3: Setting Repeating & Optional Regions
    Lesson 4: Creating New Pages Based on Templates
    Lesson 5: Placing Links in a Template
    Lesson 6: Altering & Updating Templates
    Lesson 7: Nesting, Exporting & Using Contribute™

    3. Designing with Cascading Style Sheets (38 min)
    Lesson 1: Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
    Lesson 2: Creating a New Class Style
    Lesson 3: Creating an External Style Sheet
    Lesson 4: Applying External Style Sheets
    Lesson 5: Modifying External Style Sheets
    Lesson 6: Editing Style Properties
    Lesson 7: De.ning Rules for Styles
    Lesson 8: Working with Prede.ned Styles

    4. Creating Precise Designs Using Layers (43 min)
    Lesson 1: Loading & Organizing Images
    Lesson 2: Creating a Tracing Image
    Lesson 3: Drawing Layers & Inserting Images
    Lesson 4: Inserting Text & Using Styles
    Lesson 5: Sizing & Aligning Layers Precisely
    Lesson 6: Using Tables within Layers
    Lesson 7: Stacking Multiple Layers
    Lesson 8: Adding Background Images
    Lesson 9: Arranging Layers Using the Z Index

    5. Using Behaviors to Add Interactivity (26 min)
    Lesson 1: Introducing Behaviors
    Lesson 2: Using the Behaviors Panel
    Lesson 3: Applying & Changing Behaviors
    Lesson 4: Creating a Pop-Up Window
    Lesson 5: Creating Status Bar Text
    Lesson 6: Combining Image Maps & Behaviors
    Lesson 7: Getting More Behaviors

    6. Adding Audio, Video, & Flash™ to a Page (54 min)
    Lesson 1: Viewing a Website Made in Flash
    Lesson 2: Inserting & Embedding a Flash Site
    Lesson 3: Exploring the Flash Properties Panel
    Lesson 4: Inserting Flash Buttons & Text
    Lesson 5: Learning about Streaming Media File Formats
    Lesson 6: Creating Links to Video Files
    Lesson 7: Embedding a QuickTime™ Video in a Page
    Lesson 8: Using the QuickTime Parameters
    Lesson 9: Embedding a Windows Media® Video into a Page
    Lesson 10: Adding Audio to a Web Page
    Lesson 11: Changing the Audio Parameters

    7. Testing Your Website (30 min)
    Lesson 1: Setting Up Your Site for Testing
    Lesson 2: Checking Links
    Lesson 3: Identifying & Dealing with Orphaned Files
    Lesson 4: Changing Links Sitewide
    Lesson 5: Using the Check Accessibility Function
    Lesson 6: Testing Your Work with the Site Reports Option
    Lesson 7: Recreating Site Cache
    Lesson 8: Visualizing Your Site in Map View
    Lesson 9: Using the Locate in Site Feature
    Lesson 10: Checking for Browser Compatibility

    8. Publishing & Managing Your Website (31 min)
    Lesson 1: Setting Up a Site
    Lesson 2: Setting Up the Server Information for FTP
    Lesson 3: The FTP File Panel Options & Viewing Remote Files
    Lesson 4: Transferring Files to & from a Server
    Lesson 5: Working with the Synchronize Button
    Lesson 6: Alternative Dedicated FTP Programs
    Lesson 7: Activating Team Management Features
    Lesson 8: Using the File Check In & Check Out Features
    Lesson 9: Working with Design Notes
    Lesson 10: Setting Options in the File View Columns Dialog Box
    Lesson 11: Enabling Cloaking
    Lesson 12: Using the Compare with Remote Function

    9. Working in the Code (33 min)
    Lesson 1: Introducing HTML
    Lesson 2: Previewing Code in a Browser
    Lesson 3: Editing HTML
    Lesson 4: Exploring Code View Options
    Lesson 5: Setting Preferences
    Lesson 6: Using Code Hints
    Lesson 7: Editing Tags & Creating Snippets
    Lesson 8: Using the Code Inspector & Cleaning Up HTML 

    10. Building a Dynamic Website: Getting Started 25 min) Lesson 1: Introducing Database Websites
    Lesson 2: Installing Internet Information Services (IIS)
    Lesson 3: Installing a Testing Server
    Lesson 4: Setting Up a Data Source Name (DSN)
    Lesson 5: Selecting Security Options
    Lesson 6: Preparing to Create a Dynamic Website
    Lesson 7: Creating an ASP JavaScript™ Page

    11. Building a Dynamic Website: Setting Up Pages (24 min)
    Lesson 1: Viewing Database Structures
    Lesson 2: Accessing Dynamic Content Data Sources
    Lesson 3: Adding Server Scripts & Reusable Code
    Lesson 4: Creating Record Sets
    Lesson 5: Inserting Record Sets into Tables
    Lesson 6: Creating & Formatting Repeating Regions
    Lesson 7: Adding a Dynamic Image
    Lesson 8: Binding a Dynamic Image
    Lesson 9: Adding Navigation to a Dynamic Page

    12. Troubleshooting Your Website (34 min)
    Lesson 1: Using Layers & Tables Appropriately
    Lesson 2: Converting Layers to Tables
    Lesson 3: Linking Images to Pages
    Lesson 4: Setting Up the Check Browser Behavior
    Lesson 5: Replacing HTML Code Using Find and Replace
    Lesson 6: Final Comments & Credits

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