Course - Networks Intermediate -Set up a Home or Office Network

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Comments about Course - Networks Intermediate -Set up a Home or Office Network - At the institution - Kensington and Chelsea - Greater London

  • Entry requirements
    What background and qualifications do you need to join? No experience of networks is needed, but some experience of using computers is required, and you should be interested in the technical side of computers.
  • Course description
    Course Description

    This course will take you from beginner level in networking up to the point where you can install a small home or office network using Windows XP and Windows Server. We will show you how to connect PCs into a network, how to set up a shared network connection, how to share data folders across your network, and how to secure your data from Internet threats and from unauthorised users. We will also show you how to set up Wireless access, and how to set up a Server for a small business network. This is a very practical course, but we will not leave out the theory - this course will give you an insight into how networks operate. You can use this course to help you set up your own network, or as the starting point for further study and eventually a career as a network technician.

    What does the course lead to?

    This course offers a BTEC unit qualification.  You can progress to intermediate level networks courses at this college.

    What does the course involve?

    This course will show you how to set up a small network such as might be needed at home or for a small office.

    You will learn how to install  Windows XP and Vista and connect your computers with cable. Then we will show you how to share your Internet connection, share your printer, and how to access documents on the other computers in the network.  We will explain the basics of security, how to set up user accounts and access rights, configure protocols and monitor security settings.

    We will also set up a Windows server and we will set up wireless access.  Servers are used in larger business networks (Windows Server 2003) and on home networks (Windows Home Server), and wireless is now used a lot at home and in business networks to allow laptops to connect the the network.

    This is a very practical course but we also explain some of the theory about how networks operate.

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