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Course - Psychology AS Level

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  • Entry requirements
    You should have GCSE grade C in English and Maths. GCSE Biology is useful but not essential.
  • Course description
    Duration and Levels:
    AS & A2 Levels: 2 years – AS in Year 1 leading to A2 in year 2.
    Intensive AS/A2: 1 year – day.
    AS Level: 1 year – Evening.

    What does the AS Level include?
    Psychology is the scientific study of the processes that underlie behaviour. We look at:
    -Cognitive Psychology; how we remember/why we forget/what this means for eye      
       witnesses of crimes.
    -Developmental Psychology; parent-child relationships/what happens if a child is
       orphanal/the affect on children who have day care.
    -Physiological Psychology; specifically concerned with stress/events that cause stress/
      whether stress can cause illness/looking at stress management.
    -Individual Differences; what defines someone as abnormal and how might this impact
      on the way they are treated/looking at particular eating disorders
    -Social Psychology; how easy is it to change an opinion/how obedient are people.
      There have been many studies done in this area, some of which are ethically dubious.
    -Research Methods; how does a psychologist know about people/what techniques are
      used in order to find out.

    What does the A2 Level include?
    Social: We look at aggression and helping behaviour.  Also the role of media in changing people’s social behaviour.  In another section, we look at relationships and the factors that contribute to finding a partner.
    Physiological: We look at the function of sleep and what the reasons are for dreaming. We also look at how children develop an intellectual/moral understanding of the world.
    In the second part, we examine how psychologists approach and treat mental disorders.  We also examine the philosophical implications for psychology as a science.
    During your A2 year, you will be expected to carry out your own psychological investigation into an area of your choice.

    What type of assessment is used?
    Three written papers which contribute equally to the award of AS. All of the above areas must be covered.  Additional reading and independent learning are essential.

    What else can I study?

    Psychology can be combined with Arts and/or Science subjects depending on your preferences.

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