Postgraduate Course: Escrow Account Management, Bank and Credit Account Management, Letters of Credit

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    Course: Escrow Account Management, Bank and Credit Account Management, Letters of Credit: Business Finance ManagementPart 1: Escrow Account Management Ø  Defining Escrow;Ø  Types of Escrow:*  Internet Escrow;*  Banking;*  Intellectual Property;*  Law;*  Real Estate.Ø  Prohibition to Commingle Funds by an Escrow Agent;Ø  How Does Escrow Works?;Ø  Who Chooses the Escrow?;Ø  Benefits of Escrow Account;Ø  Items that are Held in Escrow;Ø  Establishing an Escrow Account(s): Requirements;Ø  Tips in Preparing for a Trouble-Free Escrow Process;Ø  Requirements for the Timely Deposit of Escrow Account;Ø  Escrow Management;Ø  Escrow Costs;Ø  Escrow Funds;Ø  Escrow Accounting;Ø  Escrow Rules;Ø  Escrow Analysis;Ø  Closing Statement, Definition.  Part 2: Bank Account Management Ø  Bank Account: Definition:Ø  Types of Bank Account:*  Transactional Account:*      Checking;*      Deposit;*      Current;*      Personal;*      Transaction Deposit.*  Savings Account:*      Individual Savings Account;*      Time Deposit;*      Tax-Exempt Special Savings Account;*      Tax-Free Savings Account;*      Money Market Account.*  Other Accounts:*      Loan Account;*      Loan Account;*      Low-Cost Account;*      Nostro and Vostro Accounts;*      Numbered Bank Accounts;*      Negotiable order of Withdrawal Account.Ø  Secrecy of Bank Deposit;Ø  Money Laundering:*  Money Laundering Principles;*  Money Laundering Process;*  Tools Required for National Action against Money Laundering to be Effective;*  The Financial Action Task Force (FATF).  Part 3: Credit Management Ø  The Role of Credit and It’s Importance in the Economy;Ø  Capital and Credit;Ø  The Development of Consumer and Export Credit;Ø  Secured and Unsecured Credit;Ø  Information Technology;Ø  External Services;Ø  Credit Management as a Profession;Ø  The Financial Effects of Credit Management:*  The Cost of Credit;*  Free Credit?;*  The Effect of Credit on Profits;*  The Effect of Credit on Liquidity;*  The Financing of Credit;*  Cash Flow;*  Measurement of Debtors;*  Cash Targets;*  Planning and Budgeting Debtors.  Part 4: Letters of Credit Ø  Principles of Letter of Credit;Ø  Letter of Credit and International Trade;Ø  How Letter of Credit Works?;Ø  Parties to a Letter of Credit:*  Applicant;*  Beneficiary;*  Advising Bank;*  Confirming Bank;*  Issuing Bank.Ø  Types of Letter of Credit:*  Import/Export Letter of Credit;*  Revocable Letter of Credit;*  Irrevocable Letter of Credit;*  Confirmed Letter of Credit;*  Unconfirmed Letter of Credit;*  Transferrable Letter of Credit;*  Untransferable Letter of Credit;*  Standby Letter of Credit;*  Revolving Letter of Credit;*  Back to Back Letter of Credit.Ø  Sample Letter of Credit;Ø  When to Use letter of Credit;Ø  Things to Consider in Applying for a Letter of Credit:*  Legal Matters;*  Costs;*  The Customer’s Creditworthiness;*  Risks Associated with the Country You’re Exporting To;*  Normal Trading Practices;*  Available Advice and Guidance.Ø  Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) 600.

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