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Course in Oracle DBA 11g - Online

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  • Course description

    Oracle Application Server 11g is an integrated, standards-based software platform, which is the industry's most comprehensive Java platform for developing, deploying, and integrating enterprise applications. The course deals with the database administration of Oracle Application Server 11g. The Lab sessions are held on our dedicated Unix based server.

    Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture

    • Oracle Database Architecture Overview
    • Oracle ASM Architecture Overview
    • Process Architecture
    • Memory structures
    • Logical and physical storage structures
    • ASM storage components

    Installing Oracle Database 11g Software

    • Tasks of an Oracle Database Administrator
    • Tools Used to Administer an Oracle Database
    • Installation: System Requirements
    • Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
    • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure - Demo
    • Installing Oracle Database Software - Demo
    • Silent Install

    Oracle Database creation

    • Planning the Database
    • Using the DBCA to Create a Database - Demo
    • Password Management
    • Creating a Database Design Template
    • Using the DBCA to Delete a Database - Demo
    • Creating database using Oracle Managed Files (OMF) - Demo

    Managing Oracle Database Instance

    • Start and stop the Oracle database and components
    • Use Oracle Enterprise Manager
    • Access a database with SQLPlus
    • Modify database installation parameters
    • Describe the stages of database startup
    • Describe database shutdown options - Demo
    • View the alert log
    • Access dynamic performance views

    Manage Oracle ASM Instance

    • Set up initialization parameter files for ASM instance
    • Start up and shut down ASM instances - Demo
    • Administer ASM disk groups

    Oracle Database Storage Structures

    • Storage Structures
    • How Table Data Is Stored
    • Anatomy of a Database Block
    • Space Management in Tablespaces
    • Tablespaces in the Preconfigured Database
    • Actions with Tablespaces - Demo

    Oracle Database User, Role & Profile management

    • Database User Accounts
    • Predefined Administrative Accounts
    • Creating database users - Demo
    • Benefits of Roles
    • Predefined Roles
    • Implementing Roles - Demo
    • Implementing Profiles - Demo

    Data Concurrency

    • Data Concurrency
    • Enqueue Mechanism
    • Resolving Lock Conflicts
    • Deadlocks

    Undo Data Management

    • Data Manipulation
    • Transactions and Undo Data
    • Undo Data Versus Redo Data
    • Configuring Undo Retention - Demo

    Oracle Database Auditing

    • Describe DBA responsibilities for security
    • Enable standard database auditing - Demo
    • Specify audit options
    • Review audit information
    • Maintain the audit trail

    Configuration of Oracle Networking

    • Use Enterprise Manager to create and configure the Listener - Demo
    • Use tnsping to test Oracle Net connectivity - Demo
    • Identify when to use shared servers and when to use dedicated servers - Demo

    Database Maintenance Tools

    • Manage optimizer statistics
    • Manage the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
    • Use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
    • Use server-generated alerts
    • Use automated tasks

    Database Backup and Recovery Concepts

    • Statement Failure
    • User Error
    • Understanding Instance Recovery
    • Phases of Instance Recovery
    • Media Failure

    Performing Oracle Database Backups

    • Backup Solutions: Overview
    • Oracle Secure Backup
    • User-Managed Backup
    • Recovery Manager (RMAN)
    • Configuring Backup Settings - Demo
    • Backing Up the Control File to a Trace File - Demo
    • Monitoring the Flash Recovery Area

    Performing Oracle Database Recovery

    • Opening a Database
    • Data Recovery Advisor
    • Loss of a Control File
    • Loss of a Redo Log File
    • Data Recovery Advisor
    • Data Failures
    • Listing Data Failures
    • Data Recovery Advisor Views

    Oracle Data Movement

    • Describe ways to move data
    • Use SQL*Loader to move data
    • General architecture of Oracle Data Pump
    • Use Data Pump export and import to move data - Demo

    Storage Tools of the Oracle Database

    • The Oracle Database Architecture: Overview
    • ASM Storage Concepts
    • Connecting to the Database and the ASM Instance
    • DBA Tools Overview

    Configuration of Database Recoverability

    • Purpose of Backup and Recovery (B&R), Typical Tasks and Terminology
    • Using the Recovery Manager (RMAN)
    • Configuring your Database for B&R Operations
    • Configuring Archivelog Mode - Demo
    • Configuring Backup Retention - Demo
    • Configuring and Using a Flash Recovery Area (FRA)

    RMAN Recovery Catalog Usage

    • Tracking and Storing Backup Information
    • Setting up a Recovery Catalog
    • Recording Backups
    • Using RMAN Stored Scripts
    • Managing the Recovery Catalog (Backup, Export, Import, Upgrade, Drop and Virtual Private Catalog)

    Database Backup Settings

    • Configuring and Managing Persistent Settings for RMAN
    • Configuring Autobackup of Control File
    • Advanced Configuration Settings: Compressing Backups - Demo

    RMAN Database Backups

    • RMAN backup types
    • Creating and Using the following:
      - Backup Sets and Image Copies
      - Whole Database Backup
      - Fast Incremental Backup
      - Configure Backup Destinations
      - Archival Backups

    Database Restore and Recovery Tasks

    • Restoring and Recovering
    • Causes of File Loss
    • Automatic Tempfile Recovery
    • Recovering from the Loss of a Redo Log Group
    • Complete and Incomplete Recovery

    Perform Recovery Using RMAN

    • Complete Recovery after Loss of a Critical or Noncritical Data File - Demo
    • Recovering Image Copies and Switching Files
    • Restore and Recovery of a Database in NOARCHIVELOG Mode
    • Incomplete Recovery
    • Performing Recovery with a Backup Control File
    • Restoring from Autobackup: Server Parameter File and Control File
    • Restoring and Recovering the Database on a New Host

    Oracle Flashback Technology

    • Flashback Technology: Overview and Setup
    • Using Flashback Technology to Query Data
    • Flashback Table
    • Flashback Drop and the Recycle Bin
    • Flashback Operations

    Managing Memory Structures

    • Oracle Memory Structures
    • Oracle Database Memory Parameters
    • Using Automatic Memory Management
    • Automatic Shared Memory Management
    • Using Memory Advisors
    • Using Data Dictionary Views

    Managing Oracle Database Performance

    • Tuning Activities
    • Using Statistic Preferences
    • Optimizer Statistics Collection
    • Monitor the Performance of Sessions and Services
    • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
    • Describing the Benefits of Database Replay

    SQL Tuning

    • Introduction to SQL Tuning

    Database Space Management

    • Transporting Tablespaces
    • Transporting Databases

    Duplicating an Database Using RMAN

    • Purpose and Methods of Cloning a Database
    • Using RMAN to Create a Duplicate Database - Demo
    • Cloning a Database from a Backup
    • Duplicate a Database Based on a Running Instance

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