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Course in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - Online

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  • Entry requirements
    - PC with reasonably good configuration
    - Broadband connection (or Internet access using your Company/Organisation network etc.)
    - Headphones with microphone.
    - Basic knowledge of working with PC and Internet
  • Course description

    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a version of Microsoft Visual Basic that is used with the Microsoft Office Applications, most notably Access and Excel. The course is designed to teach the students How to:
    - Develop customised solutions using VBA
    - Apply the object models to program effectively in the Microsoft Office System
    - Take full advantage of extensive built-in VBA functionality
    - Troubleshoot code using VBA's debugging tools
    - Secure your code


    • Course Overview
    • Macros and VBA - A Demonstration
    • Using Excel Online Help
    • Using Visual Basic Online Help
    • Locating Information Across Help Files

    Macros - the Quick Solution

    • Overview
    • Macro Virus Protection
    • Recording a Macro
    • Running a Macro
    • Reviewing and Organizing Recorded Code
    • Changing a Macros Functionality
    • Controlling Access to Macros
    • Simplifying Access to Macros
    • Summary

    The VBA Programming Language

    • Overview
    • Objects and Collections
    • Methods; Properties and Events
    • Procedures and Functions
    • Executable Statements
    • Assignment Statements
    • Declaration Statements
    • Variables and Constants
    • Scope
    • Lifetime and Data Type
    • Summary

    The VBA Development Environment

    • Overview
    • Windows
    • Command Bars
    • The Code Window
    • Margin Indicator Bar
    • Code Interpretation
    • Type and Status Formatting
    • Entering Keywords
    • Syntax Assistance
    • The Project Explorer
    • The Properties Window
    • The Object Browser
    • Using the Object Browser
    • Summary

    Development and Troubleshooting

    • Overview
    • Running Code and Debug Printing
    • ‘Step Into’, Break Mode and the Call Stack
    • ‘Step Over’, ‘Step Out’ and ‘Run to Cursor’
    • Breakpoints
    • Variable Values and the Data Tips Window
    • The Quick Watch Dialog Box and Watch Window
    • The Locals Window
    • Tracking Object Variables
    • Application Modes
    • Exploring Application Modes
    • Design Mode & Running Mode Demonstrations
    • Run Time Editing and Compiling
    • Summary

    Using Functions

    • Overview
    • Using User Defined Functions
    • Changing Function Categories
    • Creating New Function Categories
    • Formulae and the Worksheet Function Object
    • VBA and Excel Function Differences
    • Summary

    Code Production and Management

    • Overview
    • Automated Placement of Statements
    • Accessing Code
    • Using Project References
    • Saving Code
    • Password Protection
    • Summary

    Cell Referencing

    • Overview
    • The Range Property and Selecting Cells
    • Specifying Multiple Cell Ranges
    • Qualifying Ranges Returned and Offsets
    • Other Range Returning Properties
    • Labels and Names
    • Ranges in Other Workbooks
    • Shorthand Notation and 3-D Ranges
    • Summary

    Control Structures

    • Overview
    • With Control Structure
    • Then...Else Control Structure
    • Select Case Control Structure
    • For...Next Loops
    • For Each... Next Loops
    • Do While...Loop and Do Until...Loop
    • Do...Loop While and Do...Loop Until
    • Summary

    Interacting With Users

    • Overview
    • The Message Box
    • The Message Box Constants
    • The Input Box
    • Object Positioning
    • Quiz Example
    • Protecting Users
    • Summary

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