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Education (General Programme) MA-PGDip-PGCert

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  • Objectives
    The General Programme of MA in Education is designed to develop the educational understanding, analytical skills and leadership qualities necessary to improve pupil development and achievement in schools. http://tldynamic.leeds.ac.uk/pgprospectus/taught_getprogs.asp?prog_id=616 The course aims to aid the professional development of experienced teachers within the context and atmosphere of the latest research in education and offers a wide range of module subjects so that students can tailor the programme to their own specific needs.
  • Entry requirements
    The course is suitable for primary or secondary school teachers who want to learn more about curriculum, school management and leadership, as well as information technology and research methods. It is also suitable for international students who would like to take modules from more than one of the School's specialist programmes to broaden their knowledge and understanding of different aspects of educational theory and practice.
  • Academic Title
    Education (General Programme) MA/PGDip/PGCert
  • Course description
    Year 1

    Compulsory modules:

    Candidates will be required to study the following compulsory module:
    EDUC5001M    Critical Study    60 credits    Semesters 1 & 2    PFP

    Optional modules:

    Candidates will be required to study 120 credits from the following optional modules. Candidates may not choose more than 60 credits from the same specialist programme area:
    EDUC5025M    Introduction to Educational Research Methods and Approaches to Data Collection    30 credits    Semester 1, Semester 2   
    EDUC5053M    Directed Study in Education 1 (30cr)    30 credits    Semester 2, Semester 1   
    EDUC5146M    Science Education: Teaching and Learning    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5148M    Science Education: Curriculum and Professional Development    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5251M    Issues in ICT and Education    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5252M    Learning with Virtual Worlds    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5253M    Design and Evaluation of Web-based Learning Environments    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5254M    e-Learning: Principles and Practices    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5301M    Developing Personal Practical Knowledge of English Language Teaching    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5306M    The Practice of Supporting Language Teacher Learning    15 credits    1 Mar to 31 Aug   
    EDUC5471M    Educational Leadership and Management in the Professions    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5475M    Lifelong Learning: Being a Learner, Being a Teacher    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5485M    Lifelong Learning in Changing Contexts    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5495M    Researching Lifelong Learning and Post-compulsory Education and Training    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5725M    International Educational Management: Developing Leadership    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5731M    International Educational Management: Developing Staff for Institutional Improvement    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5735M    International Educational Management: Developing Financial and Material Resources    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5740M    International Educational Management: Effective Development of Policies and Plans for Change    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5745M    Visual Methods in Social Science    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5752M    The 14-19 Curriculum    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5761M    Assessment in Education    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5765M    Mathematics: Curriculum and Assessment    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5767M    Learning and Teaching Mathematics    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5769M    Trends in Research in Mathematics Education    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5804M    Special Educational Needs: Principles and Practice    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5808M    Special Educational Needs: International Perspectives    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5811M    Developmental Disorders I: Dyslexia & Developmental Coordination Disorder    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5812M    Developmental Disorders II: Attention Deficit Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5815M    Teaching Children With Learning Difficulties    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5826M    Teaching Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties    30 credits    Semester 1   
    EDUC5912M    Grammar Learning and Teaching    15 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5915M    Syllabus Design and Development for TESOL    15 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5925M    Teacher Education for TESOL    15 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5927M    Assessing Language Learning    15 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5935M    Materials Development for TESOL    15 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5945M    Classroom Discourse    15 credits    Not running in 200910   
    EDUC5979M    Language Learning and Teaching with ICT - Online    30 credits    Semester 2   
    EDUC5981M    Teaching Languages to Young Learners    30 credits    Semester 2

    The School of Education is one of the largest in the UK and is an internationally recognised research centre. Our courses are informed by our cutting-edge research, as well as by current educational policy. Our teaching has been rated 24/24 by the QAA, and students can tailor most programmes to pursue their own professional interests.rt) to research degrees (MPhil, PhD, EdD) and PGCE teacher training. We are proud of the support we offer students to help them thrive within our academic community and get the most from student life.

    We offer over 30 courses, from undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA, MEd, MSc, PGCert) to research degrees (MPhil, PhD, EdD) and PGCE teacher training. We are proud of the support we offer students to help them thrive within our academic community and get the most from student life.

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