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Equine Studies Distance Learning Course - Distance

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  • Objectives
    The course is designed to give you an introduction and overview to a large number of aspects about the care and skills needed to both care and look after a horse. The course also covers the basics of riding.
  • Entry requirements
    There are no entry requirements for this course just a willingness to follow the course guidelines.
  • Academic Title
    On successful completion of all of your assignments you will receive a UK Open Learning Diploma.
  • Course description

    Assessment takes the form of a series of tutor marked assignments, which can be submitted to your tutor by e-mail or post for marking. There is no word count for these assignments, however you must prove to your tutor that you have fully understood the question asked, one sentence answers will be rejected. To complete this course it will take in the region of 90 study hours which can be spread over a 12 month period to suit the student.


    As a UK Open Learning home learning student you will have access to your own personal tutor helping you with your course work and with any questions you may have.

    The course covers the following syllabus

    Unit 1: Evolution of the horse

        * Introduction
        * Early horse groups
        * Modern horse groups

    Unit 2: Biology of the horse

        * Introduction
        * An Introduction to the Skeleton of the Horse
        * Muscles of the Horse and Their Purposes
        * Muscles of the trunk, back, and ribs
        * Muscles in the hindquarters
        * Tendons and ligaments of the lower leg
        * Organs of the Horse
        * Horse Markings

    Unit 3: Horse Breeds

        * Introduction
        * Abyssinian
        * Albanian
        * Appaloosa
        * Arabian
        * Clydesdale
        * Dales Pony
        * Egyptian
        * Exmoor Pony
        * Fell Pony
        * Hackney
        * Lipizzan
        * New Forest Pony
        * Palomino
        * Pinto
        * Shetland Pony
        * Thoroughbred

    Unit 4: What horse is best for you?

        * Introduction
        * The Best Breed for You
        * Age, Size and Sex
        * Assessing His Body Language
        * Assessing your prospective buy

    Unit 5: Buying a horse

        * Introduction
        * Where to Buy
        * The Initial Evaluation
        * Riding the Potential Horse
        * What to look for during your ride
        * Question Checklist
        * The Pre-Purchase Examination
        * The Coggins Test

    Unit 6: Basic Health & Safety for the Rider & Establishment

        * Introduction
        * Legal Requirements
        * Hazards and precautions
        * Checklist
        * References and further details
        * Basic Rider Equipment for Safe Riding
        * Proper equipment for junior riders (children under age 12)
        * Proper equipment for adult riders

    Unit 7: Grooming & tacking up

        * Introduction
        * Choosing a suitable horse
        * Seek good advice
        * Choosing a riding academy
        * Choosing a saddle
        * The Bridle
        * Grooming and tacking up

    Unit 8: Leading, Mounting & Dismounting

        * Introduction
        * How to lead a horse
        * How to ask a horse to stand for mounting
        * Preparing to mount
        * Getting a leg up
        * Holding the reins
        * How to dismount

    Unit 9: Walking & Halting
        * Introduction
        * How to ask a horse to walk
        * How to halt a horse
        * The basics of steering
        * Exercises at walk and halt             

    Unit 10: Trotting Basics

        * Introduction
        * Basic riding theory and philosophy
        * How to maintain a good walk, and why
        * How to ride the trot

    Unit 11: Stable Care

        * Introduction
        * Where to Keep your Horse?
        * Feeding
        * Pasture
        * Hay
        * Concentrates
        * Water
        * Shelter and Fencing for Horses
        * Security
        * Safety

    Unit 12: Basic Vet Care and First Aid

        * Introduction
        * Other Emergencies
        * Equine First Aid Kit
        * How To Take a Horse's Temperature
        * How To Check a Horse's Pulse
        * How To Determine The Respiration Rate
        * How To Check for Gut Sounds
        * How To Perform a Pinch Test
        * How To Check CRT
        * Mucous Membranes
        * Teeth
        * What is Colic?
        * Prevention of Colic

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