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  • Course description
    In the aftermath of the 2007-2009 financial crisis, most organisations in finance, banking and insurance are undergoing major changes. These organisations are actively seeking postgraduates who are disciplined in these fields. Westminster Business School is one of just a handful of UK universities to offer a Master's degree in Finance, Banking and Insurance, leaving our graduates' skills sought after on the job market.

    Studying Finance, Banking and Insurance MSc will enable you to pursue a wide range of careers in the financial services industry and to study further for professional institute exams. This year-long full-time programme is designed for students who want to work in the areas of finance, financial services and banking, investment banking, retail banking, insurance, re-insurance and hedged funds as private client advisors and financial analysis both in the public and private sectors.

    Course content

    The course is designed to give you an essential understanding of the role and operations of the finance, banks and insurance companies. The course is delivered by highly qualified individuals with extensive research experience and strong industry links. During your studies, you will acquire essential knowledge and skills that will set the foundations for a successful career in the financial services sector, and you will gain access to our ever-growing alumni network which will support your career development following your graduation.

    A highlight for many students are the field trips and social events organised throughout the course which provide an opportunity for networking with peers, alumni and industry professionals.

    Students on this course benefit from free access to part of the material on the course reading list and an online subscription to Financial Times.


    The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course. For more details on course structure and modules, and how you will be taught and assessed, see the full course document.

    Core modules

    Compliance and Law in Banking and Insurance

    This module offers a detailed examination of the law, legal principles, regulation, compliance and supervision that applies to domestic and international banks and insurance companies. The module focuses on relevant reforms to the banking and insurance companies. The module also focuses on relevant reforms to the banking and insurance industries.

    Global Banking

    The module evaluates the role and function of domestic and global banks and their structure and operations. This is accompanied by a thorough examination of the risks that banks are exposed to, and the various ways to manage them.

    Insurance Markets and Operations

    The module examines the principles and practice of insurance and the operation of insurance companies in the life and non-life markets. It provides a solid understanding of all aspects of the nature and role of insurance, from basic principles through to industry practice.

    International Risk Management

    This module provides you with the fundamental ideas and tools for thinking about international risk management.

    Modern Finance

    You will gain an overview of fundamental topics in the field of finance, including capital structure, corporate value, cost of capital, dividend policy, financial instruments, investment and modern portfolio theory.

    Research Methods

    Develop your knowledge and competence of the research process, and the application of research methods in the area of finance, banking or insurance.


    An 8,000-10,000 word dissertation in the area of finance, banking or insurance.

    Option modules

    Advanced Topics in Insurance

    This module offers an in-depth analysis of selected specialist areas of insurance. It also offers an interactive, computer-based learning experience exploring the fundamental statistical techniques used in risk analysis and risk management.

    Banking Risk and Operations

    Acquire a thorough knowledge of domestic and global banks, structures and functions and gain a sound understanding of the risks that banks are exposed to, and the different techniques applied to manage them.

    Financial Derivatives

    This module develops your theoretical understanding of financial derivatives markets. You will price and value financial derivatives from first principles and explore how financial derivative products can be used effectively in risk and investment management applications.

    Financial Markets and Institutions

    This module offers detailed coverage and analysis of global financial markets and institutions.

    Fixed Income Analysis and Trading

    This module provides the fundamental ideas and tools for thinking about traditional income securities.

    Forecasting Markets and Risk Modelling

    This module provides advanced ideas and applications of forecasting markets and risk modelling. These include forecasting, volatility forecasting, univariate and multivariate volatility modelling, risk measures, value at risk and advance risk modelling methods which are widely used on trading floors in the financial markets. The module includes extensive computer lab sessions to provide practical experience on using the different models on the trading floor.

    International Financial Reporting

    This module will develop your systematic understanding of the principles underlying, and policy issues inherent in, the study of international financial reporting, with particular reference to multinational groups.

    Modern Portfolio Management

    Develop your understanding of contemporary portfolio theory and investment management principles in order to actively manage a range of investment funds used by professional institutional investors and the private wealth management industry.

    Accredited internship

    All students on our full-time business Masters courses can apply to undertake the PG/MBA Internship Programme Reflective Practitioner Module. This is an 8 week unpaid accredited internship, which can be taken in addition to option modules and will help students to gain invaluable work experience. The internships, which are with London-based organisations, take place during the summer period. To apply, students must submit a completed application form and a copy of their updated CV to the Business Experience Team; the team then shortlist from the applications and conduct group meetings with the applicants.

    Ultimately it is up to our internship employers to decide whether they would like to interview the candidate(s) and offer him/her an internship. We have received very positive feedback from both postgraduate students and employers and expect that the internship programme will continue to remain popular amongst our students.

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