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Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator Course - Part-time

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  • Objectives
    Basic concepts, overview and tools

    • Vector and Bitmap images

    • Using Panels. Customising the workspace

    • The Illustrator toolbox: paths and points selection; drawing simple shapes and selecting objects

    • Using multiple artboards

    • Transformation tools and the Free Transform tool; Using online help

    • Managing files with Bridge


    • The pen tool; controlling curves, creating and amending paths; splitting paths, manipulating anchor points

    • Using Templates, Pencil, Erase, Smooth and Brush; using the Livetrace tool to convert Bitmap to vectors

    • Drawing with the Blob Brush tool

    Colours and fills

    • Fills and strokes on objects and paths

    • Process, Pantone and Registration colour

    • Gradients, patterns

    • Applying gradient transparency

    • Editing gradients directly on an object

    • Livepaint and objects; Live Colour

    Brush effects

    • Calligraphic, art, scatter & pattern brushes

    • Editing existing and creating new brushes

    • Scribble Effect; using the brush libraries


    • Basic typography; the type tool; type on and in a path; type as outlines

    • Character and paragraph styles

    Text work

    • Linking text boxes and using using circular text; text wrap around objects

    • Typographic control including kerning, indents and baseline shift

    Day 2

    Arranging your work

    • Send to back/Bring to front; Group/Ungroup and group selections

    • Cut/copy/paste & paste infront/ behind

    • Working with Rulers, Guides and Smart Guides, Getting the best from Layers

    Modifications and special effects

    • Transformations including blending shapes and the Gradient Mesh tool

    • Pathfinder panel and compound paths

    • Effects, graphic styles and masks

    • The Flare and Distort tools, including the warp and liquify tools, envelope distort and envelope mesh

    • Using Live Paint to modify images

    3D Toolset

    • Rotate, Revolve, Bevel and Extrude

    Working with patterns

    • Simple patterns and artwork patterns

    • Converting logos to symbols for reuse

    • Using the symbol spray to instance symbols around page

    • Update symbols, manipulate symbols

    Using Illustrator to present data

    • Graphs and graph types

    • Graph styles such as pies and bars

    • Representing qualities graphically

    The Actions panel

    • Using existing actions

    • Using Custom actions for automation

    Web Work

    • Optimising for the web; flexible web vector export; converting to Flash format

    • Slicing and CSS layer support to create entire web pages
  • Practical experience
  • Entry requirements
    Basic word processing, and a familiarity with the Web as a user.
  • Academic Title
    Drawing and Planning Software OCN
  • Course description

    Adobe Illustrator CS5. Learn how to create illustrations, technical drawings, logos, maps web navigation, etc. This course will teach you how to use Illustrator for the production of a wide range of graphical elements.

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