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Information Operations PgCert

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  • Objectives
    Suitable for those seeking a comprehensive introduction to information operations or to consolidate their existing experience in this area with a formal qualification. The course will benefit those from the full-time and reserve military and other members of international organisations, including police, intelligence services, civil servants, contractor organisations and non-government organisations. Takes you on to become a professional evidence-based practitioner in the information operations domain. Graduates will have the competencies and abilities to advocate the use of an information operations approach amongst decision makers at a senior and national level in military and other national security contexts. You will be taught by Cranfield University academic staff at the Defence Academy - College of Management and Technology who understand the challenges of translating theory into practice. Other visiting lecturers include experts from the military practitioner community, research establishments and Government departments.
  • Entry requirements
    1st or 2nd class Honours degree; 3rd class degree with three years' relevant experience* or a Pass degree with five years' relevant experience* or a HND/C with seven years' relevant experience*. Exceptional candidates may be accepted with 10 years' relevant experience*. Students whose first language is not English must attain an IELTS score of 7. (*Where relevant experience is gained in an information operations role or sub disciplines, for example; military operations planning, PSYOPS, computer network operations, and information warfare)
  • Course description
    The course will provide a practical slant on the broad base of professional and academic issues related to information operations.


    Information Operations Planning - in this double module students will critically examine current doctrine and planning procedures across a variety of military and civilian roles and capabilities to examine their contribution to information operations and influence activity.

    Target Audience Dynamics - this module focuses on the need to change the behaviour of people. The course content will recognise the unique context of behaviour modification in a military and law enforcement context in the need to consider and exploit the use of coercive techniques and kinetic effects.

    Measurement, Targeting and Monitoring
    - in this module, students will learn research skills and techniques to guide their planning and implementation of information operations.

    Defensive Information Management
    - this module equips the students with a critical understanding of the opportunities and vulnerabilities they face when considering the issues of managing information flow. The module will focus on three key areas, military deception, information assurance and media operations.

    Operations in Cyberspace - this module sets out to provide students with different levels of IT knowledge with a critical appreciation of the core concepts of computer network information operations conducted in the new media environment.


    Executive/Flexible: prescribed minimum period of registration: 1 year. Prescribed maximum period of registration: 3 years.


    This will be based around the production of a military style Information Operations Estimate. The consecutive iterations of the estimate and the associated essays compiled throughout the course result in an integrated body of learning.

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