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  • Course description
    Key Points

    Cooperation vs. Collaboration vs. Competition

    Students will work together on teams exploring the concepts of cooperation, collaboration and competition in getting the highest levels of innovation and forward thinking.

    Knowledge + Confidence = Successful Solutions

    Students will have plenty of opportunities to present their ideas and findings. Real life examples and case study analysis will allow them to test their new knowledge in an encouraging environment. With each progressive presentation, they will gain the confidence needed to succeed in the business world.

    International Study

    Upon completion of the core curriculum, our students will begin their International Study session. For three months, they will continue their studies in one of the three leading labor markets in the world today: China , India or Brazil . Students will be able to see first hand how the concepts and theories learned in the classroom are implemented in existing enterprises. They will gain a better understanding of how decisions made in the board room resonate on the factory floor and ultimately impact the bottom line.


    The International MBA (Global Leader Spain) at EEN program is broken into a three-part year in Salamanca , a two-month International Study session (optional), and a return to Salamanca for graduation ceremonies. 

    Classes begin in January of each year.  The academic calendar is divided into 3 sections of 12 weeks each: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jul, Sep-Dec.  Then in the January of the following year, students take part in 2-month classes in China , India , or Brazil (optional). At the conclusion of the International studies, students return to Salamanca for their graduating ceremonies.
    Prerequisite classes will be given online during the November and December prior to program start.


    Classes will be taught in both English and Spanish.  Students are expected to have a minimum language level of B2 prior to the start of the program.  B2 level students can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialization. They Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

    Spanish and English classes are offered to those students needing to reach the B2 level in time to start the program.  Students will also be able to take accelerated language courses for the International Study session.

    Class Size

    Six groups of a maximum of six students each group, for a total of 36 students per year. These six teams are formed at the beginning of each scholastic year through the selection of one of the following colors in the beginning of the admission process:




    - Orange



      Entrepreneur Center for Success  

    Many students come to EEN knowing that they will want to start their own business someday.  Others find those desires grow while their brains are stimulated during our program.  For those students who decide to put fourth the effort and develop their dreams into worthwhile business plans, our Entrepreneur Center for Success is for you.  We provide experienced guidance along with professional review of your business plan.  When your proposals are complete and you are ready to start, we have established relationships with banks and investors to help you get the needed support to implement your dream.

     Post-Graduation Planning   At EEN, we are committed to helping our graduates find their next challenge post-graduation.  As a part of the work-life balance we teach in the International MBA (Global Leader Spain) program, we actively seek out firms who incorporate these concepts into their own businesses.  We show our students how to best find the types of jobs they are looking for.   Throughout the year, our students interact with current professionals from various industries which allows them to get a better understanding of the type of company they seek.  Our students graduate from the International MBA (Global Leader Spain) program with a firm grasp on how they will best fulfil their life’s goals and desires.

    Programs and Classes

    IT and Communications:

    ·        Harnessing the Cloud

    ·        Transforming Organizations and Markets with IT

    ·        IT Management

    ·        Development of Virtual Stores, webs and Social networks

    ·        Information Collection and Interpretation

    ·        Open Source applications (CMS, CRM´s ERP´s …)

    ·        Cloud computing Managerial Tools.


    ·        Marketing Planning and Implementation

    ·        Marketing Strategy

    ·        E-Marketing Strategy

    ·        Brands and Brand Communications

    ·        Exports and Multinational Marketing

    ·        Market Research

    ·        Media Advertising

    ·        Public Relations and Promotions

    ·        Sponsorship

    ·        Online Advertising

    ·        Channels of Distribution

    ·        Sales Team Organization


    ·        Analysis of Business Problems

    ·        Decision Making and Analysis

    ·        Competitive Strategy

    ·        Strategic Objectives

    ·        Globalization of Markets

    ·        Negotiation Strategy

    ·        E-Strategy


    ·        Project Management

    ·        Operations Management

    ·        Quality Management

    ·        International Trade

    ·        Outsourcing Management in Global Markets

    Human Resource Management:

    ·        Leading Organizations: Systems, Values & Ethics

    ·        Cross Cultural Management

    ·        Managing People in Organizations

    ·        Quantitative Methods for Management

    ·        Change Management


    ·        Capital Markets

    ·        Financial Accounting

    ·        Managerial Accounting

    ·        Operational Finance

    ·        Global Economics

    ·        Corporate Finance

    Management Social Skills:

    ·        Managerial Communications

    ·        Teamwork

    ·        Intercultural Social and Business Etiquette.

    Personal Branding:

    ·        How to build and maintain your Personal Brand

    ·        Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Management

    ·        Personal Responsibility and Proactive Attitude

    ·        Effective Interpersonal Relationships

    ·        Web 2.0, Social Media and Social Networks.

    Quality of Life:

    ·        Leading a balanced life

    ·        Time Management; getting the most out of life

    ·        Changes in Career and Organization

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