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  • Course description
    127 video lessons with over 14 hours of training.

    Your instructor, Daniel T. Banach, is a recognized expert, author and educator in the Mechanical CAD field. He has fifteen years of experience consulting and implementing 3D CAD solutions to nationally known companies and is a highly sought after instructor and long-time speaker at Autodesk University. As an Autodesk Registered Author, Dan has written three books on Mechanical Desktop and has co-authored nine books on Autodesk Inventor

    Course Outline

    Getting Started

    Getting started with Autodesk Inventor
    Creating a Single User Project
    Changing Inventor's Application Options
    Inventor's User Interface and Help Tools
    Inventor Command, customizing short cuts and Undo and Redo tool
    Inventor's viewing tools

    Sketch, Constraining and Dimensioning

    Inventor's Sketch and Part Application Options, Units and Templates
    Sketches and Default Planes, auto project origin, planes, new sketch
    Inventor's 2D sketching tools
    Selecting and Deleting Objects
    Measuring sketches and parts
    Adding 2D sketch constraints
    2D sketch constraints
    Construction geometry
    Snaps and dragging
    Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Stretch tools
    Applying sketch dimensions
    Importing AutoCAD DWG file
    Overview technique to open SAT, STEP, ProE, DXF, IGES files

    Creating and Editing Sketched Features

    Introduction to features
    Define active sketch
    Extrude a sketch
    Revolve a sketch
    Editing a feature and a features sketch
    3D Grip option and the Move Face tool
    Rename feature, feature color, delete feature, Project edges

    Creating Placed Features

    Create fillet features
    Create chamfer features
    Create hole features
    Create thread features
    Create shell features
    Create face draft features
    Create work axis and work planes features- Part I
    Create work axis and work planes features- Part II
    Create work points and grounded work points
    Controlling the visibility of work features
    Creating rectangular patterns
    Creating circular patterns
    Creating linear patterns

    Creating and Editing Drawing Views

    Starting and preparing a drawing
    Creating base and projected views
    Creating auxiliary, section and detail views
    Creating broken views
    Creating break out views
    Creating and Editing Slice Views
    Creating draft views
    Editing drawing views
    Retrieving model dimensions and placing drawing dimensions
    Create baseline dimensions
    Create ordinate dimensions
    Working with Styles
    Moving dimensions in a drawing view
    Adding centerlines to drawings
    Placing text and symbols in a drawing
    Placing hole notes and chamfer notes
    Creating a hole table
    Create a table in a drawing

    Creating and Documenting Assemblies

    Creating an assembly file and the assembly browser
    Inserting Parts and creating parts in place
    Create a subassembly and work with grounded parts.
    Apply basic assembly constraints
    Apply motion constraints
    Enable, disable and control the visibility of components.
    Edit components in an assembly and isolate constraint errors.
    Create adaptive parts
    Pattern assembly components
    Analysis tools in an assembly
    Drive assembly constraint to simulate motion
    Create a presentation file
    Create drawing views from an assembly and presentation file
    Place balloons, create a parts list and edit it via a bill of material
    Create a revision table

    Advanced Sketching and Constraining Techniques

    Import points and create splines
    Create and edit pattern sketches.
    Share and copy a sketch
    Use the 2D mirror tool and symmetric constraint
    Slice the graphics in a part and assembly.
    Change the display of dimensions and create a relationship between dimensions.
    Parameters and spreadsheets

    Advanced Part Modeling Techniques

    Use open profiles to create a feature
    Create ribs and webs
    Emboss text and sketches
    Sweep features
    3D sketches
    Coil feature
    Loft features
    Create and edit surfaces
    Split a face and part
    Copy and paste features
    Mirror features on a part
    Suppress, Conditionally Suppress, and reorder features and feature rollback
    Create a derived part and assembly
    Create AutoLimits

    Design Automation Techniques

    Create iMates
    Create, use and document iParts
    Create, use and document iAssemblies
    Create iFeatures and reuse them on other parts
    Design views
    Create level of detail in an assembly and use when creating drawing views
    Flexible assemblies, positional representations and overlay drawing views.
    Use the contact solver
    Mirror components in an assembly
    Copy components in an assembly
    Create assembly features
    Content Center
    Design Accelerator
    Frame Generator

    Sheet Metal Design

    Using sheet metal styles
    Face tool
    Contour Flange tool
    Flange tool
    HEM tool
    Fold tool
    Bend tool
    Cut tool
    Corner Seam tool
    Corner Round and Chamfer tool
    Punch Tool
    Creating flat pattern
    Common Sheet Metal and Feature Tools
    Document sheet metal designs


    Creating a new weldment
    Weld preparations
    Create fillet and Groove (Gap) welds
    Create machining operations
    Document weldments

Other programs related to cad-cam autocad and autoarq design

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