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  • Objectives
    In the higher levels of any form of employment and now even in middle management, most jobs are not just about making technical decisions or applying given skills but also involve assessing situations and making judgements based on wider understandings of the world. How can a firm make an investment decision abroad without being aware of the prevailing political situation in the target country and the global forces that are affecting it? The De Montfort University Globalisation programme has been developed by academic staff who have had direct involvement in global issues. Over the past 15 years they have run numerous projects to assist countries, according to their national objectives, to engage with the globalisation process, including the European Union’s first major co-operation with Cuba. As a result they are uniquely placed to synthesise academic theory with practice and make informed judgements on the effects and consequences of globalisation.
  • Entry requirements
    This course is likely to appeal to a range of students and professionals; senior management in international business; professionals in state and public sectors; NGOs; international banking and finance; politics; and anyone interested in the core issues around which the world is changing.
  • Academic title
    MA Globalisation
  • Course description

    There will be a core of compulsory modules which will enable students to understand the debates that surround Globalisation and to develop a framework for analysing and interpreting the world. These modules include:

    -Themes and debates in Contemporary Globalisation
    -Knowledge, Ideology and Enquiry
    -Globalisation in Historical Context
    -Research Methods

    Students will then be offered a choice of four modules from this indicative list:

    -Business, Environment and Society
    -Critical perspectives in Global Management
    -Managing Public Policy
    -Public Private Interface
    -Communism in Cold War Europe*
    -US Foreign Policy: Power and Diplomacy 1973-2004*
    -A double module which occupies 2 choices

    The final stage of this Masters degree is the dissertation, a detailed piece of work with a globalisation theme.

    Teaching includes lectures, seminars, discussion groups and supervised research. This is an intensive full-time programme, but sufficient time will be made available for personal study and part-time work.

    Career opportunities

    This course will be taught from the perspective of International Political Economy and International Relations thus enabling students from diverse academic backgrounds to develop an understanding of international business and the political and global environment in which it functions. A student with this qualification will be equipped to work in multinational businesses, government departments, NGOs and all areas of employment that are affected by the forces of globalisation.

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