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MA in Local History

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  • Academic Title
    MA in Local History
  • Course description
        * How do we define 'local history'?
        * How does local histor y relate to the wider Welsh and British contexts?
        * What factors forged the lives of the ordinar y people of SouthWest Wales in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?
        * What sources are available for indepth local histor y research?
        * What skills will be fostered by an MA in Local Histor y?

    Local History

    These are some of the questions which will engage students who under take the MA Local History programme at Trinity College, Carmarthen. In recent years, local history groups have flourished in our communities. This course offers the guidance and suppor t of professional historians for such interests. Although it focuses upon the specific local history of SouthWest Wales, a coherent unit with a common historical inheritance and defined as the historic counties of Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire, it will also draw upon a general awareness of historical trends and a detailed working knowledge of Welsh history.

    While the course concentrates upon the fostering of skills and techniques relevant to the study of local history, and the application of those skills in pursuing specific studies based on SouthWest Wales, the methodolog y can be applied to the study of other regions and localities. The practical research element will familiarise students with research strategies and resources and will encourage students to under take their own individual original research based upon their personal interests. Successful presentations could be considered for publication in relevant local histor y journals or as monographs.

    The MA Local Histor y course is attractive to both aspiring academic historians, who wish to focus upon a specific area of study, and to those seeking fur ther vocational training in a career in education, librarianship, publishing, tourism or the media. It would also appeal to those who have a personal commitment to, and interest in, their own locality in SouthWest Wales.

    Course Content

    You'll get an opportunity to discover the rich blend of cultural, religious, industrial, social, educational, linguistic and economic characteristics which forged the society in SouthWest Wales from 1800. The modules are:

        * Agricultural Experiences
        * Educational Experiences
        * Industrial Experiences
        * Popular Culture 1860 - 1960
        * Religious Experiences
        * Social Experiences

    The course offers focused suppor t in practical research skills and techniques and detailed analysis of primar y material, much of it untapped, which exists in both Welsh and English. Students will be able to make use of the excellent facilities available in local county libraries and record offices.


    The course is assessed through:

        * Course work assignments
        * A 20,000 word disser tation on an agreed topic

    A Postgraduate Diploma in Local Histor y can be awarded for successful completion of the taught element of the degree scheme.


    The course tutors are established authorities on various aspects of Local History and have all published relevant articles and books on themes related to the course. They have all been involved with the course since its inception in 1995. The main tutors are:

    Mr Conway Davies, who is researching aspects of Poor Law provision and the history of health in the locality, delivers the agriculture, popular culture, industrial, religious and social experiences.

    Dr Russell Grigg, a widelypublished writer on aspects of social and educational history delivers modules on educational, religious and industrial experiences, as well as popular culture.

    Teaching Strategies

    The MA is taught in small seminar groups and through personal tutorials as required.

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