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  • Course description

    This course promotes a dynamic and speculative approach to the design of interior spatial environments and values research that seeks to challenge traditional methodologies. It gives you the opportunity to pursue your particular issues of interest in interior design or specialist areas of three dimensional design, through concise and focused study.

    You will cover a range of issues, both theoretical and practical. Design modules deal with contemporary issues in a variety of interior design typologies, including retail, exhibition, gallery, performance and speculative efforts broadly described as installation. Careful studies are made in the pursuit of a fresh approach to their design resolution, through analogous and figurative studies, as well as comparison using suitable contemporary exemplars. The thesis can be undertaken as a design project, a dissertation or a piece of research – effectively a hybrid, both a project and a written summary or theoretical proposition.


    The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course.

    Core modules

    Decoding the Interior

    This module provides a holistic investigation of interior environments, drawing from aspects of various critical theory streams, while at the same time encouraging students to create their own tools for conducting primary research on a range of chosen interiors. You will look at historical and contemporary interior environments, covering psychological, cultural, social and economic codes that underpin their creation.

    Interior Design Case Study

    This module is committed to the thorough investigation of a chosen interior environment(s), designed or otherwise, contemporary or historical, and the relationship to/within the architectural setting. It should provide a vehicle for you to examine particular design criteria and articulate your personal philosophical agendas about spatial design, together with the perceived and ambient quality of interior space. Investigation is published both as written work and through a short film media.

    Introduction to Design Computing

    This module will introduce you to two-dimensional digital graphics, image manipulation and animation. It considers the use of these techniques in relation to the broader context of architectural/art-based representational practices and conventions.

    Major Thesis Project

    The module specifically deals with the research, development, exploration, synthesis and conclusion of your chosen area of study for your Major Thesis Project. The aim is to evolve the project developed from the position formulated in the Thesis Development module. The project requires substantially greater commitment than any previous project task, and can be either design based or text based. You will work individually on the project, which will need to embrace the highest standards of critical review – whether in challenging particular theories and their manifestations in design and architecture, or in demonstrating a personal or innovative approach to the design process.

    Retail Design

    This is a vocationally based, applied design module. You will consider in context how design is utilised as an effective and persuasive tool in the contemporary retail environment. You will investigate issues of product marketing, branding, promotion, evaluation of public perception and the potency of image, through several focused design projects.

    Thesis Development

    This module prepares you for the subsequent Major Thesis Project by introducing research issues and themes, and covers research methods, analysis, agenda, concept and strategy. You will undertake a series of short projects and/or studies throughout the module. It is important to note that the Major Thesis Project can take a form that is design based or text based, depending on your choice. The course of study for the Thesis Development module will as a consequence depend also on the type/format of research methods that you are evolving for your thesis project.

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