MBA Master of Business Administration

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  • Objectives
    You will bring into the programme some experience of work. This might be from a functional role, for example marketing or HRM, or a profession such as law or accounting. In such a case you will have considerable depth of experience in one specific area. The MBA will help you to gain a broader understanding of business by exposing you to different aspects of it but also by showing you how it all fits together. Conversely you might have had a broader role, perhaps in a small, family business, where you have some understanding about a range of activities but need some help in developing your knowledge and understanding. In both cases our MBA will help you develop your career. Critically, we take a strategic perspective on business and management and help you to develop the skills to contribute to major decisions organisations make about their future. The MBA is not though simply an academic course. Organisations will bring into the classroom real-life problems for you to work on and try to solve and there is a requirement that you have a short placement with a company towards the end of the programme. At Edge Hill Business School you will not simply learn about management. You will practice it.
  • Entry requirements
    The MBA is designed for those in work ready to make the jump into management roles from an existing job. Applicants are welcomed from any discipline and from a wide range of job roles. Many entrants to an MBA have a science or technology qualification so it is not necessary that you have studied business or management before.
  • Academic title
    MBA Master of Business Administration
  • Course description
    What will I study?

    The MBA is designed to allow you to develop an understanding of key aspects of business and management. You will therefore study aspects related to accounting and finance; human resource management; marketing; and operations. By the end of these modules you will have an understanding of these critical aspects of business. Teaching is set in an international context with examples and illustrations drawn from the global economy. Throughout we will also take a strategic focus, concentrating on the major decisions that organizations have to make to determine their overall direction. Finally you will be exposed to a range of contemporary issues of interest to all managers. These will include such things as globalization; ethics; and social responsibility. At the end of the taught element you will undertake a work placement during which time you will undertake a project on behalf of the host company which you will then write up as a report.

    How will I study?

    As well as preparing for and attending lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops, you will spend time reading and completing coursework, including written assignments, portfolios and presentations.

    Working with business is a strong theme of the programme and the workplace will be brought into your study as well as you having the opportunity to go out into the workplace. Learning from your colleagues is an important part of the course and many exercises will require you to work in teams.


    The course provides a placement opportunity after the second semester. This is an unpaid period of time spent with an employer, either singly or in a group, where you will undertake a project of strategic value to that organization. On completion of the project you will then write-up the work as the final piece of assessment undertaken on the programme. This is a vital part of the MBA. It allows you to demonstrate what you have gained from your study and allows you to show some UK work experience on your cv when applying for jobs.

    Who will be teaching me?

    All our staff are passionate about student learning and development. The degree is delivered by specialists in Accountancy, Marketing, Human Resource Management, E-Commerce and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, among others. The team includes active researchers who publish in academic journals, and academically and professionally qualified staff. All team members are people with an energy and enthusiasm for their subject areas.

    How will I be assessed?

    Throughout the programme, there is a combination of different forms of assessment to test intellectual development, vocational capability, and critical thinking. Coursework often involves both individual and group-based working. Case studies and problem solving exercises are used. Examinations take a variety of forms, using both seen and unseen questions.

    What are my career prospects?

    An MBA helps to equip you for a range of career opportunities in both general management and specialist functions. Typical MBA careers include accountancy, administration, banking, education, finance, human resource management, marketing, public and private sector management, retailing and enterprise.

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