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  • Objectives
    The Mathematics course is taught by the three departments of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and probability and Statistics. Most Single Honours students start by studying Core Mathematics and all three of these subjects and may specialise in one or two of them later on. Dual Honours students take Core Mathematics and some of the same modules as the Single Honours students, and spend roughly half of their time in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. You will spend your third year abroad. There is scope for changing degree course within the first few weeks of arriving in Sheffield, and sometimes at the end of the first or second year. The courses in Applied Mathematics and Probability and statistics do not assume prior knowledge of these subjects. Your third year is spent in a French university, learning Mathematics in the French language. During your first, second and fourth years, spent at Sheffield, some Mathematics courses are replaced by courses in French language at an appropriate level. Candidates are expected to have a good A Level in French to enter this course.
  • Entry requirements
    Entry requirements GCE/VCE A Levels ABC BTEC National Diploma - 2 Distinctions and 1 Merit Two GCE A Levels plus two GCE AS Levels - AB+CC Scottish Highers - AAAB-AABB (plus at least two Advanced Highers) Irish Leaving Cert. - ABBBB - AABBB International Baccalaureate - 32-33 points including 5 in Higher Maths Core Requirements - Grade C in GCE A Level French plus Grade A in GCE A Level Maths.
  • Academic title
    MMAth Mathematics with French Language
  • Course description
    Our students usually select from a range of compulsory and optional modules to add up to 120 credits.

    Some departments offer courses that don't feature optional modules whereas other courses are fully flexible.

    Important notice :

    This is a list of modules that have been offered in the past. We expect similar modules to be offered for courses starting in 2009.

    This information is provided for illustration only and you should check with the department directly when applying to confirm module options.

    Find out how to contact the department

    Typical First Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Foundations of Probability and Statistics  10
    French 3A  10
    French 3B  10
    Groups and Symmetries  10
    Mathematics with Maple  10
    Matrices and Geometry  10
    Numbers and Proofs  10
    Practical Calculus  10
    Probability and Inference  10
    Probability, Sets and Complex Numbers  10
    French 3C Language Project  10
    French 3C Language Project  10
    French/English, English/French Tandem Learning, Stage 3  10
    French/English, English/French Tandem Learning, Stage 3  10
    Typical Second Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Advanced Calculus  10
    Continuity and Integration  10
    French 4A  10
    French 4B  10
    French Placement Preparation  10
    Linear Mathematics for Applications  10
    Statistics Core  10
    Tandem Learning Module Stage 4 French/English  10
    Tandem Learning Module Stage 4 French/English  10
    Nonlinear Mathematics  10
    Probability Modelling  10
    Rings and Groups  10
    Statistical Modelling  10
    Statistical Reasoning  10
    Vector Spaces and Fourier Theory  10
    Typical Third Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    French 4D Yr Abroad Project Identification - Social Scientists, Scientists, Engineers  10
    French 4E Yr Abroad Project - Social Scientists, Scientists, Engineers  10
    Probability and Statistics with Study in Europe  100
    Study in Europe  100
    Typical Fourth Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    French 5A  10
    French 5B  10
    Project Presentation in Mathematics and Statistics  10
    Practical and Applied Statistics  20
    Probability and Statistics Project IIB  20
    Probability and Statistics Project IIa  20
    Pure Mathematics Project IIA  20
    Pure Mathematics Project IIB  20
    Algebraic Topology  10
    Analytic Number Theory  10
    Applicable Analysis  10
    Applied Probability  10
    Bayesian Statistics  10
    Chaos  10
    Codes and Cryptography  10
    Combinatorics  10
    Commutative Algebra  10
    Complex Analysis  10
    Computational Inference  10
    Differential Geometry  10
    Extended Linear Models  10
    Fields  10
    Financial Mathematics  10
    Fractals  10
    Galois Theory  10
    Graph Theory  10
    Group Representations  10
    Groups and Symmetry  10
    History of Mathematics  10
    Knots and Surfaces  10
    Linear Models  10
    Medical Statistics  10
    Metric Spaces  10
    Multivariate Data Analysis  10
    Optics and Symplectic Geometry  10
    Probability and Statistics Project I  10
    Pure Mathematics Project I  10
    Real and Complex Analysis  10
    Sampling Theory and Design of Experiments  10
    Statistical Analysis with S-Plus  10
    Stochastic Finance  10
    Stochastic Processes  10
    Time Series  10
    Topics in Number Theory  10
    Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme in Mathematics  10

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