MSc(Eng) Advanced Solid State Chemistry and its Applications

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Comments about MSc(Eng) Advanced Solid State Chemistry and its Applications - At the institution - Sheffield - South Yorkshire

  • Objectives
    -In-depth technical knowledge and advanced expertise in your chosen materials field -Excellent analytical and research skills -Enhanced project planning and management capabilities and experience.
  • Academic title
    MSc(Eng) Advanced Solid State Chemistry and its Applications
  • Course description
    MSc(Eng) Advanced Solid State Chemistry and its Applications
    Solid State Chemistry is one of the emerging and growth areas in Chemistry. It plays an important and increasing role in the field of 'Functional Materials'. Now The University of Sheffield has launched a new Master's course (MSc/Diploma/Certificate) in this important subject.

    Course topics
    We teach core Solid State Chemistry related topics such as:

    -Preparative methods, including chimie douce, sol-gel and vapour phase deposition
    -Relationship between crystal structure, defect structure, composition and properties - as applied to a wide range of materials, with useful magnetic, electrical and optical properties (eg. Ferro-, Ferri- and Antiferro-, magnets, Piezo-, Pyro- and Ferro-electrics, lasers and smart windows)
    -Crystal chemistry of the major inorganic structural families
    -Crystal defects, eg. interstitials, vacancies, dislocations, shear structures and solid-state solution doping mechanisms
    -Advanced Characterisation Techniques including electron microscopy, diffraction (X-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction) and spectroscopic methods such as Solid State NMR and ESR
    -Training in computer modelling to generate diffraction patterns and crystal structures
    -Advanced materials with novel properties and potential applications including: Solid Electrolytes, Mixed Ionic/Electronic Conductors, Intercalation Materials and their applications (eg. Solid State Batteries, Fuel Cells and Gas Sensors)

    We also include modules on Materials-related aspects such as Industrial Processing routes to the production of ceramics, cements and glasses.

    Why study Solid State Chemistry at the University of Sheffield?

    The University of Sheffield Department of Engineering Materials has a wide range of expertise in Solid State Chemistry. Our staff enjoy international reputations in the fields of electroceramics, glass science and nuclear waste immobilisation materials, as well as renowned experts in electron microscopy.

    Our research rating of 5*A, which we have held since the UK University Research Assessments were introduced in 1996 is recognition of the 'strength and depth' and quality of the staff within our Department.

    This means that you will learn cutting edge technology, taught by experts at the forefront of the field.

    What Next?
    On this course, you will acquire skills of direct use to a range of employers. The course also provides the ideal background for the subsequent

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