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  • Objectives
    -Provide an advanced education in modern Organic and Inorganic Semiconductor engineering, emphasising fundamental physical principles and their practical applications. -Provide a practical training into the different stages of the fabrication of a nanoelectronic component, from synthesis of the raw material to processing and fabrication of a range of electronic and photonic devices. -Enable students to gain a comprehensive theoretical and practical transferable knowledge in a rapidly expanding field through a carefully balanced mix of lectures, the use of modelling software packages and laboratory exercises.
  • Entry requirements
    Entry requirements: For 2008/9, the standard academic entry requirements for a master's course will be an upper second class UK honours degree, or international equivalent, in an Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or Material Science discipline. A suitable background in solid state or semiconductor physics is highly preferable.
  • Academic title
    Nanoelectronics MSc
  • Course description
    Starting from the fundamentals of Inorganic and Organic Semiconductors, the course is designed to lead to a comprehensive knowledge of the state of the art in experimental techniques and theoretical methods for quantum and nanoscale electronic devices. The  course encompasses techniques for full fabrication processes of nanoelectronic components, from materials growth and processing to assessment, characterisation and computer modelling, to complete device fabrication. Examplar applications will include Semiconductor Self Assembled Quantum Dots Light Emitting Diodes, Organic Thin Film devices and Quantum Cascade Lasers. The key distinguishing features of this course are thus the strong emphasis on materials and their use in a variety of advanced electronic and photonic devices.

    Course aims

    This MSc course is designed to cover the modern frontier of research into novel Electronics. As the miniaturisation and shrinking of transistor dimensions is soon to run into hard limits set by the physics of existing technologies, present efforts are concentrated into replacing the existing technology based on Si with devices whose dimensions are measured in units of a millionth of a millimetre. Collectively these approaches come under the heading of Nanoelectronics, and it is this which forms the subject of this new and exciting MSc course.

    The particular blend of engineering science and technology that will characterise this course is designed to attract students with a physics, chemistry or materials science background. The course is also likely to be very attractive to students from countries that are rapidly developing nanoelectronics industries. Examples include China and India as well as the more traditional `Tiger' economies (e.g. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia).

    Module details

    -Semiconductor Physics
    -Electronic Materials and Nanometrology
    -Microelectronic and Nanoelectronic Process Technologies
    -Photonic Devices
    -Electronic Devices
    -Terahertz Electronic Devices, Materials and Systems

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