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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Course - Distance

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  • Academic Title
    Level 3 Award in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Plus a Uk Open Learning Diploma.

    At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Level 3 NCFE Award certificate of achievement. That means that it is independently accreditedata level of learning equivalent to level 3 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland"
  • Course description

    The course covers the history, techniques and applications that go to make up the NLP process, plus a guide to setting up an NLP Coaching Practice.

    Whether you want to work as an Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) consultant with your own specialised clinic, or simply studying for your own benefit - this course could change your life and the way you focus on  the world around you completely.

    Everyone can benefit from the knowledge found in this course. 

    Those around you will benefit from the grounded and positive approach you will be spreading through the new tuning of your thoughts and awareness. 

    NLP Practitioners work to unlock and release the potential within their clients, to bring about major positive improvements and changes in their lives.  

    NLP is also a powerful and practical tool for personal exploration and development.

    This is an excellent course which can also be used as a 'stand alone course' providing all the underpinning knowledge for those wishing to specialise and work as an NLP Practitioner. 

    As with all home study courses it is essential you gain "face to face " experience and training to obtain insurance.

    It is also a very highly recommended tool for all Holistic Therapists to broaden their skills and knowledge.

    Subjects included in the Course:

    Neurological Levels – provide a framework to aid understanding of personal change issues and consists of environment, behaviour, capability, values & beliefs, identity and spirituality.

    Pre-suppositions – accepted notions within NLP, we examine fifteen of these in detail.  

    Course Content

    Lesson 1.
    • N.L.P. – What is it?
    • What it isn’t.
    • The History of N.L.P.
    • How N.L.P. Works.
    • What N.L.P. Can do for You.

    Lesson 2.
    • Foundations, Fundamentals and Principles of N.L.P.
    • The Nature of The Four Pillars.
    • The Neurological Levels.
    • The Pre-suppositions in Brief.

    Lesson 3.
    • Pre-suppositions Explained.
    • The Client / Practitioner Relationship.
    • Boundaries.
    • Identifying Client Needs and Wants.
    • N.L.P. Analysis Techniques.
    • Mission Statement.
    • SWOT Analysis.

    Lesson 4.
    • The Importance of Core Values, Beliefs and Changes Within an Individual.
    • Defining and Reviewing Relationships, Energy, Health, Financial, Emotional Well-Being.
    • Belief Change Model.
    • Defining and Recognising the Client’s Goals, Aims and Values.

    Lesson 5.
    • Modalities and Sub-modalities.
    • Changing Modalities and Sub-modalities.
    • The N.L.P. A-Z

    Lesson 6.
    • Developing Strong and Positive Communication Skills Using N.L.P. and Representational Systems.
    • The Milton Model.
    • Meta-programmes.
    • The meta-model.

    Lesson 7.
    • Rapport.
    • Modelling and Matching.
    • Timelines.
    • Timelines in N.L.P.
    • Negotiation in N.L.P.
    • An N.L.P. Session.
    • What N.L.P. can Help With.

    Lesson 8.
    • Communication.
    • Working with Clients.
    • The First Meeting.
    • Creating the Right Professional Conditions and Workspace.
    • The N.L.P. Practitioner’s Clinic.
    • Establishing the Working Relationship.
    • Defining Boundaries.

    Lesson 9.
    • Ethics and Legalities.
    • The Consultation Process.
    • Professionalism.
    • Ethics.
    • Maintaining Records.
    • Data Protection and Disclosure.
    • Positive Endings.

    Lesson 10.
    • Running a N.L.P. Practice.
    • Finding Premises Versus Working From Home.
    • Accounting.
    • The Law and You.
    • Finding Clients.
    • Advertising and Marketing your Business.
    • Working with Clients.
    • Expanding your Business and C.P.D.
    • Supplements to the modules:
    • Consultation sheet.
    • Client questionnaires – Meeting Sheet.
    • Reading List.
    • N.L.P. dictionary.
    • N.L.P.

    The Course comes complete with lesson tests, exam paper, and case studies from a Professional NLP Practitioner, reading list, and supplements including all documentation required for a successful NLP practice.

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