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Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere MRes

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  • Entry requirements
    Entry requirements Qualifications required for the course are a 2(i) or better in a Physical Science (such as Physics, Maths, Engineering, Geophysics, Atmospheric Science, Meteorology, or Oceanography), a good A level in Mathematics, and at least one year of university-level mathematics.
  • Academic Title
    Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere MRes
  • Course description
    This research degree is offered by a combination of research and taught courses. It is operated jointly between and the School of Earth Sciences and the School of the Environment and is designed to attract physicists and applied mathematicians into Earth and Environmental Science. It combines a broad overview of physical problems in solid Earth and atmospheric geophysics, with a sound physical understanding of natural processes. Through a very strong emphasis on quantitative data interpretation and physical and numerical modelling, the course will give students the opportunity to develop the skills needed to conduct research in the subject.

    1 year full-time, up to 4 years part-time

    The School of Earth and Environment provides a stimulating learning experience for students of earth, environmental science and environmental management. Our research was rated as grade 5 in the HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise. We have over 80 academic staff in the school covering a wide variety of research which is undertaken by four institutes within the School.

        * Sustainability Research Institute is dedicated to the development and application of interdisciplinary environmental analysis in realisation of the principles of sustainable development:
        * Institute of Atmospheric Science is dedicated to understanding the physical and chemical processes that govern the behaviour of Earth's atmosphere. Atmospheric processes are investigated using numerical models and field and laboratory experiments from the Earth's surface to the stratosphere.
        * Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics is dedicated to understanding the structure and evolution of the Earth and neighbouring planets. Detection and measurement of resources in the crustal layer and understanding of geological hazard; measurement of gravity, magnetism, seismic waves and electrical properties, theoretical and computer modelling, and surface structural mapping.
        * Institute for Geological Sciences researches the physical, biological and geochemical processes to understand controls on the modern environment (both land and sea) and how man is affecting that system.

    What you study
    Core modules will cover fluid mechanics, data processing, computational methods and fieldwork. Each student will also undertake a significant research project. Optional modules in more specialised areas of Earth and Atmospheric Science will be available.

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