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  • Objectives

    Designed to provide you with tutor and peer group support throughout an eight-month period, the Accelerated Development Programme takes a personalised approach to the learning process. Embedded in the context of your own organisation, this process is designed to help you build and apply general management capabilities. You will become not just a better manager, but a business leader able to make a significant contribution to the future of your organisation. The Accelerated Development Programme will provide you with the time and space to consider future goals.

    Benefits of attending the Accelerated Development Programme for you:

    -Heightened awareness of yourself and your impact on others, so you can lead your team more effectively when you return to work
    -Exposure to and understanding of how the key growth and value drivers of the business combine to deliver optimal performance
    -Broadened functional and personal knowledge, allowing you to participate in more complex conversations more actively and effectively
    -Increased confidence when dealing with other senior managers across different business functions
    -An opportunity for individuals to benchmark themselves against their peer group in other organisations and industries
    -Access to a global network of like-minded peers
    -Workplace re-entry support for six months after the programme to support your personal action plan.

    Benefits of attending the Accelerated Development Programme for your organisation:

    Managers who can now lead with a more integrated view of how thought, knowledge and behaviour combine for optimal performance at the level of general management
    Development of greater self-awareness of how these managers' actions and behaviours impact on those who surround them.

    Benefits of attending the Accelerated Development Programme for your manager:

    -Developing into managers that are equipped with a versatile set of tools and frameworks that will enable them to operate more effectively and efficiently
    -Managers that are aware of their personal development needs and who have a personal development plan to support these needs.
  • Entry requirements
    As an experienced functional or specialist manager a typical Accelerated Development Programme participant has already gained 10 to 15 years' relevant management experience.
  • Course description
    Many talented managers 'derail' when making the transition into general management. Specialist knowledge, technical skills and high levels of motivation have made them successful to date, but new capabilities are now required to be effective at the next level. Taking on a broader, more strategic role requires an ability to work with multiple realities that arise out of cross-functional tensions and conflicts. Building trusting relationships, developing broader networks and influencing through more levels in the organisation means managing through a different kind of conversation.

    The Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) recognises your needs at this key stage in your development and offers you the unique opportunity to test your range of abilities to think, feel, behave and speak like a general manager. The Accelerated Development Programme's process and content structure you will strengthen your personal, interpersonal, organisational and strategic knowledge skills.

    The Accelerated Development Programme takes place at London Business School and offers either a 2 x 2-week modular programme.

    Dates & fees

    The Accelerated Development Programme has a modular format of 2 x 2 weeks and will be held at London Business School. 

    4 - 16 May and  6 - 18 July 2008
    24 August - 5 September and 19 - 31 October 2008
    9 – 21 November 2008 & 18 - 30 January 2009
    1 - 13 March & 26 April - 8 May 2009
    24 May - 5 June & 5 July - 17 July 2009
    30 August - 11 September & 25 October - 6 November 2009
    15 - 27 November 2009 & 17 January - 29 January 2010

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