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Advanced Project Management Course

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  • Objectives
    By the conclusion of the specific learning & development activities, delegates will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate their understanding of the concept of project management

    2. Illustrate the pertinent issues associated with project sustainability

    3. Portray a heightened understanding of project development

    4. Highlight and internalise crucial project planning issues

    5. Deconstruct team management in a problem solving setting

    6. Apply the most appropriate project management methodology to both real and hypothetical settings

    7. Recommend a project control system that may be applied to a given scenario

    8. Devise a viable sourcing strategy, relevant to a particular project setting

    9. Conduct both pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

    10. Facilitate a ‘scoping study’

    11. Apply scoping strategy to a sustainability setting

    12. Address key issues associated with meeting management

    13. Ensure that project agreements are legally ‘water-tight’

    14. View project structure as the system of relationship that persists

    15. Have demonstrated an understanding of mind mapping and fish bone method

    16. Apply tracking timing and costs, contingencies to project management

    17. Project a heightened awareness of the need to develop an excellent working relationship with suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Practical experience
    Use of Video Cases; Written Cases; Simulations and Industrial Visits.
  • Entry requirements
    1st Degree or Equivalent Qualification
  • Academic Title
    Diploma - Postgraduate in Advanced Project Management
  • Course description

     Contents, Concepts and Issues

    General Project Management Issues

    1.       Concept of Project Management

    2.       Project Sustainability

    3.       Developing a Project

    4.       Project Planning

    5.       Team management & problem solving

    6.       Project management methodologies, tools and techniques

    7.       Some problem solving techniques

    8.       Project control

    9.       Project Purchasing

    10.   Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

    11.   Scoping, strategy setting and final agreement

    12.   Project structure and managing meetings

    13.   Process and event based methodologies, software packages, flow charts, imagineering

    14.   Mind Mapping, fish bone method, ‘Is and Is Not’ and Brain Storming

    15.   Tracking timing and costs, contingencies

    16.   Working with suppliers and sub-contractors

    Risk and Financial Risk Management in Advanced Project Management

    17.   Defining risk – generally, and in a project management setting

    18.   Relating risk management to projects and project management

    19.   Financial risk management and project management

    20.   Risk exposure in a project setting

    21.   Project risk and ‘Market Dynamics’

    22.   Liquidity in project management

    23.   Operating risk and financial liability

    24.   Fraud risk and project management

    25.   Link settlement risk with ‘survival imperative’  

    26.   Project management strategy and risk management

    27.   Currency derivatives market and ‘project sustainability’

    Motivating Workers in Advanced Project Management

    28.   Directing Or Leading in a project setting

    29.   The Concept of Motivation

    30.   Applying Content Theories of Motivation to Project Settings

    31.   Taylor’s Money-Motivator as a reward strategy

    32.   Motivator-Hygiene Factor: Using Herzberg’s ideas as a basis for an effective ‘Employee Relations Strategy’

    33.   Applying Equity Theory: Recognising Inequity

    34.   Goal-Setting Theory: Performance Management Application

    35.   Expectancy Theory: What does Valence holds for project management targets?

    36.   Improving Project Sustainability Through an Equitable Reward System

    37.   Reinforcement Theories:

    38.   Reinforcement Theory

    39.   Motivation & Contingency Theory: Accounting for Situational Variables

    40.   Is Performance Related Pay (PRP) applicable to a Project Management Setting?

    41.   Designing An Effective Motivation Strategy: Accounting for Internal and External Project Dynamics

    42.   Introducing Talent Management: Creating and Equitable Solution

    43.   The extent to which salary or wages inducement motivate workers

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