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  • Course description
    In the Photoshop CS2 course you will discover how to create professional-quality Photoshop documents in just three sessions. In this compelling course, expert instructor, Andy Anderson, demonstrates the power of understanding Photoshop tools, preferences and menus. You will learn print formats, Internet formats, file compression and Photoshop terminology. At the conclusion of the course, you will understand how to effectively plan a document, select appropriate tools, and use color, layers, masks and paths to design your own original and powerful layouts

    • Use tools effectively for dynamic and creative design.
    • Improve your design skills to make graphics come alive.
    • Enhance your image with creative, professional graphics..

    Adobe PhotoShop CS2  Course Outline

          Session 1
          Section A: Photoshop Essentials

          · Raster-Based Images
          · Vector-Based Images
          · Planning Projects
          · Interface
          · Navigating a Document

          Section B: Photoshop Tools
          · Selection Tools
          · Options Bar
          · Enhancement Tools
          · Vector Tools
          · Adding Notes
          · Eyedropper Tool
          · Changing Screen Mode
          · Shortcuts and Menus
          · Saving and Resetting Workspace

          Section C: Preferences and Presets
          · General
          · File Handling
          · Display & Cursors
          · Transparency & Gamut
          · Units & Rulers
          · Guides, Grid & Slices
          · Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks
          · Memory & Image Cache
          · Type
          · Presets

          Section D: Getting Started
          · Creating a New Document
          · Opening Existing Documents
          · Using the Bridge

          Section E: Working with Color
          · RGB
          · CMYK
          · Lab Color
          · Indexed Color
          · Changing Color Space

          Section F: Modfying Images

          · Changing Image Size
          · Hidden Canvas
          · Cropping and Trimming

          Section G: History Palette
          · Linear Palette
          · History Brush
          · Creating Snapshots
          · Using the History Brush

          Section H: Saving Your Files

          · Working Folders
          · Print Formats
          · Internet Formats
          · Saving Options

    Session 2
    Section A: Photoshop Layers

    · Layer Types
    · Controlling Layers
    · Creating Layer Effects
    · Working with Masks
    · Creating a Mask

    Section B: Working with Channels
    · Color Control
    · Storing Complex Selections
    · Image Adjustments

    Section C: Paths in Photoshop
    · The Power of Paths
    · Adjusting Vector Paths
    · Creating Paths From Selections

    Section D: Using Actions
    · Understanding Actions
    · Creating Actions
    · Recording Actions
    · Modifying Actions
    · Batch Processing

    Section E: Using Selections

    · Understanding Selections
    · Selection Options
    · Selection with the Magic Wand
    · Selection with Color Range

    Section F: Color Management
    · Color Settings
    · Color Calibration and Swatches
    · Custom Colors
    · Color Palettes

    Section G: Mastering Painting
    · Painting Tools
    · Brush Tool with Options
    · Brushes and Blending Modes

    Section H: Working with Layer Styles

    · Styles Palette
    · Saving to the Styles Palette
    · Using Styles with Clipping Groups

    Section I: Type in Photoshop
    · Understanding Type Layers
    · Viewing Type
    · Placing Type on a Path
    · Type Masks
    · Converting Text

    Session 3
    Section A: Photoshop Filters

    · The Filter Gallery
    · Image Adjustments
    · Quick Mask Selections
    · Fade Filter Gallery

    Section B: Image Enhancement

    · Adjustment Layers
    · Adjusting with Levels
    · Restoring Image Data
    · Using Threshold
    · Correcting with Curves
    · Creating Composite Images
    · Using the Clone Stamp
    · Using the Healing Brush
    · Using the Patch Tool

    Section C: Photoshop for the Web
    · File Compression
    · Optimizing Images
    · Adjusting JPEG’s
    · Saving Clip Art
    · Creating a Web Photo Gallery

    Section D: Using ImageReady
    · Internet Graphics
    · Creating Rollover Buttons
    · Creating Animation
    · Creating Image Maps

    Section E: Automation
    · Picture Package
    · Contact Sheet
    · PDF Presentation
    · Crop and Straighten
    · Photomerge
    · Merge to HDR

    Section F: Outputting Images

    · Terminology
    · Image Information
    · Printing
    · Exporting

    Section G: Using Paths
    · Exporting Transparency
    · Creating Work Paths
    · Saving Paths
    · Saving PNG-24

    Section H: Image Manipulation
    · Vanishing Point
    · Grid Alignment
    · Extract
    · Smart Highlight
    · Extract Settings
    · Creating Smart Objects
    · Modifying a Vector Object

    This is an interactive CD Rom, no other software is required, just access to a computer. This course will show you how to use the Adobe Photoshop 7 software.

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