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  • Course description
    Albanian is a language spoken by about 6 million people, primarily in Albania, Kosovo, but also in other parts of the Balkans with an Albanian population, along the eastern coast of Italy and in Sicily, as well as by a significant diaspora in Greece, Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Australia, Turkey, and the United States. The language forms its own distinct branch of the Indo-European language family.

    About half of Albanians live in the Republic of Albania (3.2 million), with the second largest group living in the UN administered Serbian province of Kosovo ( 1.5 million) and the Republic of Macedonia (420,000). There are also Albanian minorities and immigrant communities in a number of other countries.

    The Republic of Albania is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe. It borders Montenegro to the north, Serbia to the northeast, the Republic of Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and a coast on the Ionian Sea to the southwest. Despite its troubled history of foreign rule and dictatorship, the country has been classified as an emerging democracy since the 1990s. Albania has played a relevant role in managing inter-ethnic tensions in southeastern Europe and is continuing to work toward joining NATO and the European Union.

    Albania's coastline on the Ionian Sea, especially near the Greek tourist island of Corfu, is becoming increasingly popular with tourists due to its relatively unspoiled nature and its beaches. The tourism industry is growing rapidly.

    Kosovo is a province in southern Serbia which has been under United Nations administration since 1999. While Serbia's nominal sovereignty is recognised by the international community, in practice Serbian governance in the province is virtually non-existent. Kosovo borders Montenegro, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. The province's capital and largest city is Pristina. Kosovo has a population of around two million people, predominantly ethnic Albanians, with smaller populations of Serbs, Turks, Bosniaks and other ethnic groups.

    Both Kosovo and the western regions of the Republic of Macedonia have in recent years seen armed movements aiming either for independence, greater autonomy, or increased human and political rights. Further clashes were also reported in the Presevo Valley for the period of 2000 to 2001 (in the lead-up to the Macedonian conflict).

    The province of Kosovo is the subject of a long-running political and territorial dispute between the Serbian government and Kosovo's Albanian population. International negotiations began in 2006 to determine the final status of Kosovo.

    The situation in the Republic of Macedonia seems to have been resolved by giving the Albanian minority greater government representation and the right to use the Albanian language in education and government.

    Whether you are learning Albanian for business, leisure or academic purpose, at LSI we will ensure that your Albanian language course is a successful and enjoyable experience:

       1. Your current level of Albanian and training requirements will be carefully assessed.
       2. Our Albanian tutors, who are all highly-qualified, have many years of experience in teaching Albanian at all levels.
       3. Your course will be tailor-made to meet your specific training needs, ensuring that it is relevant, practical, effective and fun.
       4. Your Albanian course materials will consist of a combination of relevant up-to-date materials such as books, authentic documents, audio and video recordings.
       5. You will be provided with regular reports at the end of each course module.

    Corporate In-company Language Training
    Our 30 years of experience in providing business language training allows us to meet the particular needs of our clients from all sectors such as charities, financial services, insurance, import export, law, management consultancies, manufacturing industries, market research, oil and gas, building and property development or relocation.

    Intensive Language Training
    Intensive courses are ideal for people who wish to have a kick start or a refresher course prior to an important business meeting, examinations or a holiday.

    Remember that an intensive course needs to be consolidated by regular practise in order to maintain the knowledge you have acquired over a short period of time.

    Evening Classes
    We organise weekly Albanian evening classes in central London for beginners. Beginners group classes cover general topics for those with no prior knowledge of the language such as: greetings and introductions, buying tickets, eating out, shopping, asking for personal information etc. The maximum number of students is 10 per class.

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