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  • Entry requirements
    Users should have completed an AutoCAD Series CBT or posses the equivalent hands-on experience. We also offer an ADT with AutoCAD Tutorial Bundle for those entirely new to the AutoCAD working environment. The bundle includes everything here plus AutoCAD Tutorials.
  • Course description

    Getting Started in ADT 2007

    Learning the ADT 2007 Interface
    Uniquely 2008-Additional Pulldown menus
    Learning to use dynamic input
    How to load ACAD tools into ADT
    Learn to use Right-Click menus
    Using grips in ADT
    Using the new Workspaces
    Using Profiles to your advantage
    Using Isolate Objects to simplify your ADT Views
    Using the new 2007 Visual Styles
    Using Edit in Plan, Section and Elevation with ADT objects
    Using Object Viewer in ADT
    Using icon switches to control your ADT startup

    Introduction to ADT Content

    Using ADT Templates
    Using Content Browser
    Using Style Manager
    Using Display Manager

    Using and Understanding Walls

    Understanding Wall Justification
    Learn to add walls to your drawing 1
    Learn to add walls to your drawing 2
    Learn to close walls using Ortho Close
    Understanding wall Cleanups 1
    Understanding wall Cleanups 2
    Wall Styles - an in-depth look 1
    Wall Styles - an in-depth look 2
    Wall Styles - an in-depth look 3

    Walls - Putting it all together

    Learn to modify walls using trim-extend and offset commands
    Learn to modify a wall style assignment
    Learn to modify and add interior walls
    Learn to convert line work to walls


    More with ADT Objects

    Interference Conditions-columns and walls
    Interference Conditions-stairs and slabs
    Using Anchors-node anchors
    Roofs - Add a Dormer
    Convert Line work to Stairs
    Using Object Profiles
    Learn to add multi-view blocks using AEC content
    Create a Multi-view Block 1
    Create a Multi-view Block 2
    Uniquely 2008-Learn to use the new multi-view blocks with annotation scaling

    Advanced Walls - Putting it all together

    Using Advanced Wall Tools 1
    Using Advanced Wall Tools 2

    Using ADT Layer Tools

    Layer Manager
    Layer Filters
    Layer States
    Using Layer Standards
    Creating a Standard Layer

    Using ADT Annotation Tools

    Edit Scale List
    Using AEC Dimensions
    More modifications for AEC Dimensions
    Adding ADT Detail Callouts

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