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BA History and Sociology (3 Years)

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  • Objectives
    -provide a supportive environment for all students, free from bias or discrimination; -provide a broad and challenging curriculum, based on the study of a range of human societies in the past and the present; -encourage and facilitate a critical understanding of social phenomena and historical processes in different times and places; -develop an appreciation of a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches that characterise the disciplines of History and Sociology, and of the potential for working across the disciplinary divide; -extend students' powers of critical analysis and logical argument by applying them to historical and sociological scholarship as well as to the interpretation of a range of source material; -develop students' capacity to communicate and present ideas orally and in written form; -provide the staff expertise and learning resources necessary to enable students to engage effectively with their studies; -promote transferable skills of self-management and independence essential for employment, postgraduate study and for further training.
  • Entry requirements
    Selected entry requirements English language: Minimum IELTS score of 7.0 or equivalent; eg. NCUK EAP minimum Grade of A with range of 70-79 TOEFL: PBT score of 600; CBT score of 250; TWE score of 5.5; IBT score of 100. A level: Grades ABB to include Grade A in History or Sociology. General Studies is welcomed but not included as part of the standard offer. Unit grade information: The University of Manchester welcomes the provision of unit grade information which, like all other available information, will inform the consideration of applications. Unit grades will not normally form part of offer conditions, except for Mathematics programmes. GCSE: Minimum of grade C in English Language and Mathematics. Key Skills qualification: The University warmly welcomes applications from students studying the Key Skills qualification. However, as the opportunities to take these modules are not open to all applicants, currently this is not an essential requirement of the University. International baccalaureate: 33 points overall, including grades 5 or 6 in three Higher level subjects, one of which must be either History or Sociology. Additional entry requirements Additional entry requirements exist for this course. You may view these by selecting from the list below.
  • Academic Title
    BA History and Sociology
  • Course description
    Course description

    On this course you can study past and present human societies, from both a historical and a sociological perspective, comparing and contrasting these two important ways of studying mankind.  You will have the opportunity to study a wide historical and geographical range of periods and cultures.  You will gain a thorough sociological understanding of contemporary and practical social affairs and an understanding of their origins and development.

    Special features
    Socrates/Erasmus scheme available. Exchange Scheme available in USA, Canada or Australia.
    Course content for year 1
    Please note that the following list is intended to be a guide only - course content or availability may change slightly as we aim to improve and update our courses yearly.


    HIST10281  History and Sociology

    HIST10292  History/Sociology Project

    Optional - 2 course units in Sociology, chosen from:

    Media, Culture and Society I; Media, Culture and Society II; Social Thought I; Social Thought II; British Society in a Globalising World; Work, Organisations and Society

    1 course unit from 2 of the following areas in History :

    1.  Medieval History

    HIST10121  The Peoples of Early Medieval Europe; HIST*****  Power and Protest in Plantagenet England; HIST10052  Origins of England

    2.  Modern History

    HIST10311  State, Nation and Nationalism c1750 - c1920; HIST10302  Communities and States in Early Modern Europe; HIST***** A Victorian City: Social, Cultural and Economic Histories of Manchester

    3.  Economic History

    HIST10511 Globalisation in Historical Perspective; HIST10062  Origins of British Industrialisation: British Economic & Social History 1550 - 1830

    4.  Ancient History

    CLAH10011  The Greeks and the Mediterranean World 600-499 BC; CLAH10022  From Republic to Empire: Introduction to Roman History, Society and Culture 200 BC - AD 14

    Course content for year 2
    Please note that the following list is intended to be a guide only - course content or availability may change slightly as we aim to improve and update our courses yearly.

    Compulsory: HIST20390  Long Essay/Book Review; HIST*****  History and Sociology II: Core Course

    Optional: 40 credits in History, chosen from:

    HIST*****  British Economic and Social History, 1880-1980; HIST20092  British Population and Social Structure, 1700-1950; HIST20521  An Industrialising Society: English Economic and Social History, 1689-1830; HIST20452  European Economic History, 1914-1995; HIST20131  Cultures of Empire: India and the American Colonies 1600-1900; HIST*****  A Liberal Nation?  State and Society in Britain from 1815 to present; HIST20171  European Reformations; HIST20182  European Intellectual History: Rousseau to Freud; HIST20212  The Intellectual Revolution in Britain, c.1600-1750; HIST20872  History of Women in Britain, 1880-1980; HIST20041  Town and Country in Medieval England; HIST*****  Carolingians and the Invention of Order; HIST20652  The Body and Society: Christianity in the West 300-1500; HIST*****  Late Medieval Europe: The West; HIST20661  Reading the English Landscape

    Units in Ancient History - either:

    CLAH20051 The Roman Empire 31 BC - AD 235: Rome's Golden Age; OR CLAH20062 Politics and Society in Classical Greece, 450- 322 BC

    40 credits in Sociology

    Course content for year 3
    Please note that the following list is intended to be a guide only - course content or availability may change slightly as we aim to improve and update our courses yearly.

    Compulsory - either HIST30970  Thesis or SOCY40930  Dissertation

    Optional - 40 credits in History, chosen from: Medicine Before 1800: Changing Conceptions of the Body, Disease and Health in Early Modern Europe; Economic History of 20th Century Spain; Natives and Strangers: Cultural Encounters in the Americas, 1492-1716; Family, Gender and House: Some Relationships Between People and Space, 1500-1800; The Origins of the Spanish Civil War, 1875-1936; Early Modern Imperialism: The European Empires in America 1500-1800; HA Nation in the Making: Nationalist Consciousness and Indian Imaginings, 1800-1947; Church, Society and Religion in 17th Century France; Gender and the Social Construction of Identity in the Early Modern Period; Ireland since 1922; History of Sexuality; HChild Labour in British Society, 1700-1870; Pagans, Priests and Power: The English Conversion to AD 670; Literature and Society in the Age of Chaucer; The Wars of the Roses; War, Empire and Heroism in Britain from 1805 to the present; The Great War, Myth and Memory; The French Revolution and Political Thought; Refugees in Modern World History; The Rules of the Game Laws, economies and risk taking in historical perspective, 1850-2000

    Ancient History: Empires, War and Diplomacy in Classical Greece; Roman Army and NW Frontiers; Slavery in the Ancient Greek World; Roman Imperialism 264 BC - AD 69; Families and Fortunes in the Late Roman World; City of Rome

    40 credits in Sociology

    Career opportunities
    Graduates have the transferable skills necessary for employment, postgraduate study and further training and have found employment in numerous graduate careers, including finance, management, teaching, law, the Civil Service and the media. About 27% of graduates undertake postgraduate study.

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