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Strategic Plan - Overview

Our Strategic Objectives are to:

    * Be recognised for teaching and learning that is informed by research and that is relevant to practice as well as for students and peers
    * Produce independent enquiring graduates who enjoy learning, are enterprising, employable, and able to make a positive contribution to society
    * Attract, develop and retain the best staff
    * Maintain financial stability and sustainability
    * Engage with and contribute to the development of our partners and communities, locally and further afield
    * Enhance the reputation and external profile of the University.

Our Values are to be a university:

    * Where all are treated with respect and integrity
    * That champions creativity and innovation to deliver quality in everything we do
    * That engages openly and enthusiastically with all our communities to advance knowledge, open up new opportunities and avenues, and improve society.

Strategic Plan Overview

Full Strategic Plan

Our journey towards establishing a leading university in one of the world’s great small cities has already taken us closer to our future mission of being recognised as a university of quality and distinction. And, as we move to our second decade, there is much more we can and will do.

This document sets out the road ahead – a framework for us to achieve our 2020 ‘destination’ vision as well as our strategic objectives to 2012 and beyond. It shows where we will be targeting our efforts and investment. The 2007-12 plan also maps out how we will establish ourselves as one of the UK’s outstanding success stories.

Teaching & Learning Strategic Plan

Welcome to the latest Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan. This is part of the University Strategic Plan 2007-2012 which sets out the broader context for future developments in the institution. Like the more generic Strategic Plan, the Teaching and Learning Strategy has been subject to wide consultation. It involves all staff within the wider learning landscape – including those working in both support and academic areas of the University. Students are rightly the focus of the Plan and are central participants in it. Over the next few months the Plan will be more fully operationalised, further enhancing the student experience of teaching and learning at Lincoln. We hope that, as the Teaching and Learning Strategy is articulated further, the University will become a more exciting place for staff and students – in which synergies with engaged research and enterprise as key aspects of the overall Strategy will produce an even more highly effective and innovative teaching and learning environment.

Training offer

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