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Master in Phil-PhD in Equine Science

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  • Academic Title
    MPhil/PhD in Equine Science
  • Course description

    In spite of the long association of horses with people, a very great deal is still unknown about how training and management routines can be improved through the application of science. Much also remains to be discovered about how the lives of non-athletic horses can be improved. Research is supported by our modern Equine Unit, which is also active in breeding Cleveland Bay horses.

    Main research areas are:

        * Exercise physiology
        * Reproductive biology, specifically sperm maturation and fertilisation
        * Cryopreservation of sperm for genetic conservation
        * Novel approaches to equine management, health and nutrition
        * Functional foods

    Current research projects include:

        * Biochemical markers of equine rhabdomyolsis syndrome
        * Assessment of the functional basis of equine stereotypic behaviour
        * Laminitis and oxidative stress
        * Control of water transport in sperm in relation to the freezing process
        * Regulation of food intake in horses

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