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Master of Research Art, Architecture and Design (MRes)

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  • Objectives
    A key aim of the MRes Art, Architecture and Design is to develop research skills and prepare postgraduate students for careers in academic research. However, for those research postgraduates who choose not to remain in the academic sector, a programme of formal research training providing general research skills and transferable employment-related skills offers many advantages for career advancement. To meet the needs of these two target groups, the broad aims of the MRes Art, Architecture and Design areas follows: * To enable students to develop strategies appropriate for advanced research work and creative practice in art, architecture and design. * To provide training in the application of a range of relevant research methods and tools explored through a personal research programme. * To create a flexible structure that maximises the range of postgraduate learning opportunities. * To provide new career opportunities by preparing students for further academic study or extended practice. * To encourage students to use existing knowledge and skills in different contexts and to apply them to a variety of problems.
  • Academic Title
    Master of Research Art, Architecture and Design (MRes)
  • Course description
    Research in art, architecture and design is fundamentally concerned with enquiry that generates new knowledge and understanding. This process of enquiry is closely connected with practice, presentation and peer group feedback. The emphasis in the MRes programme is on contextual. Using the student's personal research interests, establishing a critical framework for .project work, and reflecting on and recording research activity.

    Two fundamental principles underpin the programme; flexibility and independent learning. Research undertaken in the Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design is enormously varied. It includes, among others, scientific experiments in conservation or environmental science, practice-based research in fine art or design, and text-based research in architecture or art history and theory. Many projects combine different forms of research. Therefore, the MRes programme is flexible to support the varied research strategies in the faculty, whilst at the same time provide a strong foundation for rigorous independent scholarship

    To achieve these objectives there are three notional strands embedded within the programme; a scientific strand, a critical/theoretical strand and a practice-based strand. Units are designed to embrace a wide range of research interests and approaches. Some units offer diverse options, providing suitable research training for all three strands, whilst in others the field of enquiry is determined individually with each student through negotiation. It is expected that many students will undertake complex, multi-method research and will, consequently, select a combination of options from those on offer.

    The MRes Art, Architecture may act as the preliminary stage for the completion of an MPhil or PhD. It also provides exit points for students wishing to finish their studies at Certificate, Diploma or Masters levels. Students may begin the programme at any time during the academic year and they may study in part- time or full-time mode.

    Programme Structure

    Certificate Level

    Unit 1:
    Research Philosophy, Context and Strategy 36 M-level points

    Unit 2:
    Research Design and Management 24 M-level points

    Diploma Level
    Unit 3:
    Research Applications
    24 M-level points

    Unit 4:
    Research Analysis and Interpretation 24 M-level points

    Unit 5:
    Research Presentation 12 M-level points'

    Master's Level
    Unit 6: Research Study 60 M-level points

    Total 180 M-level points

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