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  • Objectives
    The BA in Music and Chinese Studies is a Dual Honours course, which allows you to combine the study of two subjects. Music: An extensive range of modules in level one allows you to define your own modular programme through levels two and three. You may wish to specialise at level three in composition, dissertation or performance. A personal tutor will work with you over three years to help you make the most of your studies and encourage you to excel. Lectures, seminars and group tutorials are reinforced by individual supervision or feedback. The music element of the degree is assessed through projects, performances and coursework, giving you a chance to develop your own skills and interests in an independent and creative manner. The Performance module at level one is assessed by a short recital; the level three Instrumental or Vocal Recital is given in public. While following a recital track you are given tuition on your principal instrument. Chinese Studies: On the Chinese Studies side of this degree you will follow a balanced programme that develops not only your Chinese language skills to an advanced level, but also your understanding of how China works. The language programme can accommodate both people who have not studied the language before coming to Sheffield and those with some prior knowledge. In your first year, you will take intensive Chinese language and cover (or revise) all of the core grammar of the language, with simplified characters used from the very first day. You will also take units designed to give a broad understanding of Chinese history, society, politics and the economy to help make sense of what you will see during your year abroad. You will spend your second year at the University of Nanjing, one of the leading academic institutions in China, where you will follow an intensive language programme designed to get you to an upper intermediate level. In your third year back in Sheffield, you will take more specialised modules on contemporary China and modern history. In the final year you will choose from advanced modules on Chinese business, the environment, literature and history and have the option to write a dissertation on a subject of your own choice. In the language programme over these two years, you will be working on discussions from the Chinese press, the internet, film and TV, fiction and official publications on subjects that affect the Chinese today, from education and the family to crime, the environment, ethnic relations and employment issues. You will also be introduced to and examined on traditional characters at this stage. Throughout you will have access to a wide variety of technological resources that will not only enhance your learning experience, but also improve your ability to study independently. This course is run jointly by the Department of Music and School of East Asian Studies.
  • Entry requirements
    Entry requirements GCE/VCE A Levels - BBB-BBC Two GCE A Levels plus two GCE AS Levels - BB+BB Scottish Highers - AABB - ABBB Irish Leaving Cert. - ABBBB International Baccalaureate - 32-30 points Core Requirements - Grade B in GCE A Level Music
  • Academic title
    BA Music and Chinese Studies
  • Course description
    Our students usually select from a range of compulsory and optional modules to add up to 120 credits.

    Some departments offer courses that don't feature optional modules whereas other courses are fully flexible.

    Important notice :
    This is a list of modules that have been offered in the past. We expect similar modules to be offered for courses starting in 2009.

    This information is provided for illustration only and you should check with the department directly when applying to confirm module options.

    Typical First Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Chinese Language I  30
    Chinese Language II  30
    Critical Responses to Music  10
    Music of the World  10
    Case Studies in Western Music  10
    Composition  10
    Individual Project  10
    Introduction to Harmony and Counterpoint  10
    Introduction to Studio Techniques  10
    Listening Skills  10
    Music History  10
    Performance  10
    Popular Music Studies  10
    Stylistic Harmony  10
    Typical Second Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    China Year Abroad  120
    Typical Third Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Chinese Language III  20
    Chinese Language IV  20
    Analytical Approaches to Music  20
    Ballet Music in the Twentieth Century  20
    Baroque Counterpoint  20
    China, 1914-78: Modernity and Revolution  20
    Classical Harmony  20
    Contemporary Chinese Society  20
    Contemporary Popular Music  20
    Creative Applications of Music Technology  20
    Early Nineteenth-Century Harmonic Styles  20
    Ensemble Class  20
    Ethnomusicology  20
    History of Popular Music  20
    Intermediate Composition  20
    Jazz History  20
    Messiaen and His Times  20
    Music Perception  20
    Music and Arts Administration  20
    Music and the Recording Industry  20
    Music in Culture and Society  20
    Music in Education  20
    Music in Paris 1900-45  20
    Music in the Community  20
    Music of Africa  20
    Musical Culture in East Asia  20
    Nineteenth-Century Symphonic Thought  20
    Orchestral Technique  20
    Practical Skills  20
    Practice and Concepts of Improvisation  20
    Psychological Approaches to Performance  20
    Sound Recording Practice  20
    State and Economy in Contemporary China  20
    Studies in Music since 1945  20
    The American Experimental Tradition  20
    The Late Baroque  20
    The Operas of Mozart  20
    The String Quartet, 1770-1828  20
    Wagnerian Music Drama  20
    World Music Performance  20
    Typical Fourth Year Modules

    Module/Unit Credits
    Chinese Language V  20
    Chinese Language VI  20
    Extended Dissertation  40
    Extended Portfolio of Compositions  40
    Extended Prepared Instrumental or Vocal Recital  40
    Business and Management in Contemporary China  20
    Dissertation  20
    Population and Environment in China  20
    Portfolio of Compositions  20
    Prepared Instrumental or Vocal Recital  20

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