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Bootcamp - Seduction Training

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  • Course description
    Shockingly Powerful Seduction System ... is the KEY to quickly charging your game with raw, unstoppable pulling-power that gets smoking-hot women so turned on that they fight for the chance to have you take them home for a night of hardcore, "between the sheets" action.
    Get ready to take your success with women beyond what you thought possible... way beyond anything you've ever heard of... and way beyond anything you've ever experienced ...

    This is NOT for guys who are uncomfortable with getting "up close and personal" with smoking hot women. If getting gorgeous girls into your bed is something that repulses you, please forgive me. Just click the back button. This isn't for you.
    However, I strongly suspect you might just be very interested in this free offer. I say this because thousands of other guys have already experienced the power of the most effective seduction training in the world. And the results have been almost too good to be true.
    So if you're at all interested to see what all the commotion is about... and you want to experience the boot camp for yourself without any risk whatsoever then please allow me to show you a world of pure panty-dropping pleasure you not even dreamed of yet.

    For example, you're going to discover...
    • Six astonishingly-intense "attraction overload" techniques that can literally DOUBLE your closing rate! No practice and no 'skill' required!
    • How to "connect the dots" in every set - so you smoothly go from approach, to escalation, to rough, sweaty sex ...all in an effortless, smooth and natural blur of whirlwind courtship that she cannot say no to. Without doing ANYTHING complex or difficult.
    • The "movie star" eye contact secret that will suddenly make her docile... obedient and more than willing to do whatever she can to give you the most intense, pleasure-filled night of your life.
    • A unique "spin" on rapport building that will increase the power of your mid-game so fast that you'll triple your lay rate almost immediately! (You've got to make sure that you don't overdo it with this technique because women will instantly start thinking you are their soul mate)
    • How to be flexible and have the perfect response in every situation... without needing to memorise or practice a single scripted line or routine! Instead, you will instantly "force feed" astonishingly simple skills into your system... which give a style of game no other PUA can even imagine .
    • Say goodbye forever to the way you used to play the game... with these masterful yet still easy to execute nuero-linguistic language patterns, you can direct the thoughts and emotions of every woman you interact with and get them to do exactly what you want. For Example, we'll show you a secret language pattern that once you use it to land your first "perfect 10" will leave you wondering...

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