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Chartered Teacher Status: the Master of Teaching

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  • Objectives
    The programme aims to: * enhance the professional understanding, knowledge, skill and action of experienced teachers in schools with a view to supporting the development of their practical classroom skills; * enable teachers to meet the demands of a rapidly changing educational and professional environment; * enhance teachers' understanding of teaching and learning; * enhance critical analysis and evaluation of practice; * build on teachers' existing professional development. Our degree guides you through a programme of professional development, which includes academic study, work-based learning and professional action, and is delivered through partnership agreements.
  • Entry requirements
    Entry Requirements Accredited by the General Teaching Council for Scotland, the Master of Teaching degree enables experienced teachers to meet the requirements for the professional status of Chartered Teacher. Entrance is limited to experienced and professionally qualified teachers who are fully registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland, have reached the top point on the main grade scale for teachers and have undertaken Continuing Professional Development.
  • Academic Title
    Chartered Teacher Status: the Master of Teaching
  • Course description
    Learning Outcomes

    Students of this programme will demonstrate a critical understanding of:

        * education and social values;
        * current research and approaches to teaching and learning;
        * changing social and cultural contexts of education and of the school curriculum.

    You will gain intellectual skills in the form of critical self-evaluation and transferable skills such as collaboration and influence, communicating effectively and being creative and imaginative. You will also be able to demonstrate a range of professional/subject-specific/practical skills that are characteristic of professional work such as enthusiasm and effectiveness in promoting learning in the classroom, demonstrating empathy and fairness, and being caring and approachable.

    How You Will Be Taught

    Modules in the programme will be delivered in a range of modes. These include taught sessions, supported and individual study, project work in school and assessment. Induction courses will be offered to familiarise participants with the modes of study and development involved in the programme.

    Programme structure /modules

    The MTeach has a 12 module structure with 4 core modules, 4 option modules and 4 modules of extended work-based learning (taken as a single 4 module project or 2, 2 module projects).

    All participants in the Programme must begin by taking:

    Module 1 - Self Evaluation (Professional Development and Review)

    After this, teachers may choose to take the other core modules:

    Module 2 - Learning and Teaching
    Module 3 - Education for All
    Module 4 - Working Together

    Satisfactory completion of these four modules entitles the participant to exit, if s/he so wishes, with a Postgraduate Certificate.

    Four option modules may be taken from a range which will be developed over time; reflecting the needs of teachers, new initiatives and the expertise of providers. Satisfactory completion of four option modules and the four core modules entitles the teacher to exit with a Postgraduate Diploma.

    The final piece of work in the Programme must be an extended work-based learning project. In total, participants must complete projects equivalent to four modules in order to complete the Programme. In the final assessment for the Programme, reporting on the outcomes of the final project(s) is combined with the provision of evidence to show the CTS has been achieved.

    Satisfactory completion of this assessment leads to the award of Master of Teaching (MTeach) and a recommendation to the General Teaching Council for the award of Chartered Teacher status.

    After the completion of Module 1, teachers may apply for accreditation for prior learning up to a maximum of six modules within the Master of Teaching Programme.

    Satisfactory completion of any two modules in the Programme results in the award of one increment on the CT scale.

    The normal period of study is six years, with a maximum of eight years. Study may be continuous or intermittent.

    Current fee information can be found here, some option modules are subject to additional costs – for example Earth Science 5 -14 entails a week-long fieldwork trip. Modules are charged at full cost to the participant as the Chartered Teacher Programme does not receive any government funding.

    Modules will mainly run in one of two five month blocks: September to January and February to June. This timetable in intended to enable work-based learning and assessment submission to be completed within the module period. In session 2008/09 it is intended that Module 1 will run at least twice. Core modules 2, 3, 4 and five of the option modules will be offered in 2008/09.

    The option modules available within the Edinburgh MTeach Programme are:

    Bilingualism and Literacy Development
    Brain Based Learning
    Developmental Perspectives and Physical Education
    Early Literacy
    Earth Science 5-14
    Science 5-14
    Individually Negotiated Work-based Learning
    Information Mapping

    The opiton modules available in 2008/09 are:

    Bilingualism and Literacy Development
    Brain Based Learning
    Developmental Perspectives and Physical Education
    Early Literacy
    Earth Science 5-14
    Individually Negotiated Work-based Learning

    Catalogue of option modules

    Chartered Teacher Studies Programme: Catalogue of Option Modules offered by the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde and the UHI Millennium Institute

    This catalogue gives outline information about option modules currently offered by the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde and the UHI Millennium Institute. These four higher education institutions are working collaboratively to ensure that teachers following the chartered teacher programme have access to the maximum choice possible of option modules. The collaboration takes a number of forms. Firstly, the agreement to publish a joint catalogue means that you have access to information about available modules. The catalogue will be updated as additional modules are added. Secondly, by avoiding having significant overlap in provision the overall choice available to you is greater. Thirdly, where appropriate, the institutions will collaborate by running modules jointly, thus making use of complementary expertise.

    The catalogue is organised around seven headings, reflecting the different broad themes of options within the chartered teacher programme. Each module has been allocated a page, designed to provide outline information about the content and host institution. You can use the contact details provided to request more detailed information or to register an interest. Institutions will advertise dates of modules judged likely to be popular, while other modules may be run on demand, once a viable number of students have indicated an interest. Some modules may be available off campus at a suitable venue with an appropriate number of participants. Enquires relating to this should be directed to the Programme Director in the first instance.

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