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Course - Fireworks 8 - Distance

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  • Course description
    Fireworks 3 Sessions - 9 Hours of Interactive Training

    In the Fireworks 8 course from LearnKey, you'll discover the latest improvements to this incredible web image-creating program. LearnKey expert, Deborah Berg explains the fundamentals of interface and panels, building upon those concepts with layers, filters, animation and Macromedia integration. Your creativity will be sparked throughout this course, and by the end you'll understand everything you need to know to create professional images for the web

    • Your web images will exude a polished and professional look and feel
    • You will gain confidence to venture beyond basic fundamentals in your designs
    • You can refer to time saving tips and tricks to drastically increase efficiency

    Session 1
    Section A: Getting Started
    • Interface and Start Screen
    • Fireworks Panels
    • View Options
    • Document Window

    Section B: Working with Documents
    • Creating and Opening Documents
    • Guides and Grids
    • Saving a Document

    Section C: Using Color
    • Color Types
    • Gamma Differences
    • Color Panels
    • Eyedropper Tool

    Section D: AutoShapes
    • Drawing Basic Shapes
    • Modifying Shapes
    • Smart Polygons
    • Other Shapes

    Section E: Applying Fills

    • Fill Types
    • Transform and Distort Fills
    • Color Fill Live Filter
    • Fill Edges
    • Removing Fills

    Section F: Applying Strokes

    • Distort Strokes
    • Pen Tool
    • Freeform Tool
    • Vector Path Tool
    • Removing Strokes

    Session 2
    Section A: Working with Layers
    • Using Layers
    • Duplicating Layers
    • Removing Layers
    • Organizing and Naming Layers
    • Moving Layers
    • Protecting Layers
    • Exporting Layers
    • Merging Layers
    • Web Layers

    Section B: Applying Filters
    • Filters
    • Live Filters
    • Custom Live Filters

    Section C: Working with Text

    Formatting Text
    • Importing Text
    • Editing Text Paths

    Section D: Interactivity
    • Creating Buttons Symbols
    • Using the Button Editor
    • Creating Simple Rollovers
    • Simple Rollover Behaviors
    • Disjointed Rollovers
    • Pop-up Menus

    Section E: Animation

    • Animated GIF
    • Animating Symbols

    Section F: Bitmap Graphics
    • Selection Tools
    • Bitmap Drawing Tools
    • Bitmap Masks

    Session 3

    Section A: Optimize Images
    • GIF
    • Optimizing a GIF File
    • JPG
    • Optimizing a JPG File
    • PNG
    • Optimizing a PNG File

    Section B: Image Slicing

    • Rectangle Slice
    • Polygon Slice
    • HTML Slicing
    • Slice Export Settings

    Section C: Exporting
    • Exporting HTML Pages
    • HTML Export Options
    • Export Area Tool
    • Export Wizard
    • Quick Export

    Section D: Automation
    • Styles
    • Find and Replace
    • History Panel
    • Batch Processing

    Section E: Macromedia Integration
    • Export to Dreamweaver Library
    • Export as CSS Layers
    • Optimize Fireworks Images in Dreamweaver
    • Export as Flash SWF Files

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