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Course - Flash CS3 Actionscript Essentials - Distance

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  • Course description

    Format - 2 DVD-ROMs

    Duration - 8.5 Hours of Beginner to Intermediate Training

    Author - John Ulliman

    Platform - Windows & Mac OS


    Get up and running on the newest version of ActionScript, which is included with Flash CS3. If you are new to ActionScript 3.0, this series shows you how to make your Flash applications more dynamic by using the scripting language to add interactivity and control effects. If you are already familiar with ActionScript 2 from Flash 7 or 8, our video tutorials help you make the switch with minimum effort with updates about the new changes in naming, syntax and Class structure.


    Review the Panel basics in ActionScript 3 and see how to set up the ActionScript preferences, using the Reference Library and the Script Selection panel.

    Learn how to use dot syntax notation and how to write ActionScript 3 structures, and find out how to debug them when things go wrong.

    Discover how to use properties and methods for ActionScript 3 built in classes for complete control of MovieClips, TextFields and Sounds.

    Build event handlers for ActionScript 3 built-in classes to add interactivity and respond to both user generated events as well as program events like sounds and data loading.

    Make and use your own custom classes so you can modify existing classes like custom buttons, and get more reusability from your applications and animated MovieClips.


    Part 1

    Lesson 1: ACTIONSCRIPT 3 BASICS (69 min)
    1. Looking at Basic Preferences
    2. Using the Actions Panel
    3. Placing ActionScript
    4. Writing Code
    5. Understanding Syntax & Error Messages
    6. Understanding Variables
    7. Datatyping Variables
    8. Using Functions
    9. Adding an Argument to a Function
    10. Creating a Return Function
    11. Naming Stage Elements
    12. Introducing Dot Syntax
    13. Using Functions to Control Movie Clips

    1. Understand the Structure of a Reusable Object
    2. Defining a Movie Clip Object
    3. Understanding Classes
    4. Understanding the Inheritance Class
    5. Using the Movie Clip Class
    6. Using Movie Clip Properties
    7. Using Movie Clip Methods
    8. Working with the Button Class
    9. Creating an Event Handler
    10. Assigning Buttons with Reusable Functions
    11. Setting Events to a Button Object
    12. Using a Click Event with a Movie Clip
    13. Working with the Text Field Class
    14. Using the Date Class

    Lesson 3: USING DOT SYNTAX (48 min)
    1. Basic Timeline Controls
    2. Using Movie Clip Methods
    3. Understanding Dot Syntax
    4. Creating Nested Movie Clips
    5. Unique Instance Names
    6. Setting the Correct Path for Buttons
    7. Setting a Path for Other Script Locations
    8. Understanding the "This" Keyword
    9. Use the "This" Keyword to Control Movie Clips

    (84 min)
    1. Setting Up Buttons to Go from Black & White to Color
    2. Building Custom Buttons Using Movie Clips
    3. Add a gotoAndPlay Method to Move a Playhead
    4. Adding Frame Labels
    5. Setting Up Additional Buttons
    6. Adding a Click Event Handler
    7. Reusing Click Events
    8. Adding "If" Statements
    9. Setting Up a Function to Control Visible Properties
    10. Adding an "Else If" Statement
    11. Using Arrays
    12. Using a "For Loop" Structure
    13. Using Arrays to Set Up Thumb Clicks
    14. Using Arrays to Set Up Thumbnails
    15. Final Comments & Credits

    Part 2

    1. Explaining the Sound Class
    2. Loading an External Sound
    3. Handling Errors from a Loading Sound
    4. Using a Complete Event
    5. Setting Up a Stop Button
    6. Setting Up a Play Button
    7. Setting Up a Pause Button
    8. Setting Up a Replay Button
    9. Setting Up a Second Sound
    10. Adding Functions to a Second Sound
    11. Using the Transform Class
    12. Using the SoundMixer Class
    13. Controlling the Volume Levels
    14. Controlling the Volume Loader Bar

    1. Review ActionScript 2 with Flash Video Component
    2. Flash Video Playback with ActionScript 3
    3. Controlling Flash Video with ActionScript 3
    4. Setting Up Our Own Controller
    5. Applying Additional Controls
    6. Customizing UI Elements
    7. Creating Your Own Controls
    8. Testing the Skin
    9. Automatic Closed Captioning

    Lesson 3: CREATING CUSTOM CLASSES (48 min)
    1. Creating an External ActionScript File
    2. Adding a Constructor
    3. Adding Properties to the New Class
    4. Adding Arguments to the New Constructor
    5. Adding a Method to the Class
    6. Understanding Packages
    7. Expanding an Existing Class
    8. Attach a Class to a Library Item Using Linkage
    9. Using Class to Control the Library Item
    10. Adding a Rollover Event
    11. Building the Event Handler into the Class

    (60 min)
    1. Touring the Site
    2. Building a Website Class
    3. Creating a Set Up Content Method
    4. Add a Clear Content Method to Website Class
    5. Setting Up a Button Class
    6. Creating a Set Up Buttons Method 7 Using Tween & Easing Classes
    8. Adding Tween to Zoom Button Class
    9. Setting Up Button Clicks
    10. Linking the Buttons to the Content
    11. Final Comments & Credits

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