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Course - Flash CS3 Pro: Essentials Training DVD - Distance

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  • Course description

    Format - 2 DVD-ROMs

    Duration - 8.5 Hours of Beginner to Intermediate Training

    Author - John Ulliman

    Platform - Windows & Mac OS


    Give your website a new look! Now is the time to give it a zap of creativity with animated objects and sound effects. Whether you are a web designer or game developer, you will learn the necessary techniques to get your project rolling. Discover how to design fun, creative, interactive websites through structured and easy to follow lessons. With help from a pro, you'll be able to expand your knowledge as you learn to utilize all of the amazing techniques with Adobe Flash CS3.


    Explore the wondrous capabilities of the Pen tool.

    Discover how to import existing materials from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

    See how easy it is to work with Flash Video, plus create and control animations on the timeline.

    Create added interest with buttons and interactivity.

     Learn how to publish your new Flash Site to the web.



    Lesson 1: GETTING STARTED (54 min)
    1. Moving around in the Workspace
    2. Using the Basic Drawing Tools
    3. Comparing Vector & Bitmap Graphics
    4. Selecting Elements on the Stage
    5. Using Groups
    6. Using Drawing Object Mode
    7. Using Layers
    8. Using the Transform Tools

    1. Understanding the Basics of Vectors
    2. Creating Curved Lines
    3. Combining Corner & Smooth Points
    4. Adding, Deleting & Converting Anchor Points
    5. Switching between the Pen Tools on the Fly
    6. Drawing with the Pen Preview Enabled
    7. Using the Free-Form Tools
    8. Controlling Strokes & Fills
    9. Expanding on Strokes & Fills
    10. Modifying Strokes
    11. Using the Color Mixer Panel
    12. Working with Gradients
    13. Creating Symbols
    14. Adjusting Symbol Properties

    Lesson 3: IMPORTING GRAPHICS (60 min)
    1. Importing Bitmaps
    2. Compressing Bitmaps
    3. What Affects Bitmap Compression
    4. Making Movie Clips from Bitmaps
    5. Using a Bitmap Fill
    6. Importing from Photoshop®
    7. Masking Layers
    8. Tracing a Bitmap
    9. Importing Illustrator® Files

    Lesson 4: ANIMATING VIA THE TIMELINE (64 min)
    1. Introducing Frame Animation
    2. Adding & Removing Frames
    3. Adding Keyframes
    4. Animating with Keyframes
    5. Moving Keyframes
    6. Copying & Pasting Keyframes
    7. Creating a Motion Tween
    8. Setting Tweens
    9. Fixing a Bad Tween
    10. Applying Tweens
    11. Creating a Shape Tween
    12. Applying Shape Hints
    13. Creating Additional Movie Clips
    14. Using a Path in a Tween

    Lesson 5: WORKING WITH TEXT (61 min)
    1. Installing Fonts
    2. Using Grids & Guides
    3. Creating a Web Layout from a Photoshop File
    4. Importing a Photoshop File into Flash
    5. Saving a Template
    6. Using the Text Tool
    7. Working with Text Properties & Filters
    8. Explaining Anti-Alias & Font Settings
    9. Animating Text
    10. Setting Up the Contact Page
    11. Separating Text Characters
    12. Animating Letters
    13. Looking at the Dynamic Text Field
    14. Creating a Scrollbar
    15. Final Comments & Credits


    1. Creating Buttons
    2. Programming Button States
    3. Building a Multi-Layer Button
    4. Modifying the Color of Other Button States
    5. Make Buttons from Movie Clips & Add a Glow Effect
    6. Add Actions to the Timeline in the Actions Panel
    7. Adding Actions to Buttons in the Behaviors Panel
    8. Importing Text from a Photoshop® File
    9. Setting Up Website Navigation
    10. Loading External SWF Files
    11. Creating a SWF File to Load into the Home Movie
    12. Adding External Loads to Keyframes

    (34 min)
    1. Introducing Sounds
    2. Setting Up Sound Properties
    3. Adding Sound to the Timeline
    4. Setting Keyframe Sound Properties
    5. Using the Sync Settings
    6. Adding Sounds to Buttons
    7. Controlling Sound Using Behaviors

    Lesson 3: INCLUDING VIDEO (36 min)
    1. Using the Video Import Wizard
    2. Encoding FLV Files
    3. Choosing the Controller Skin
    4. Using the FLV Components
    5. Using the Flash Video Encoder
    6. Animating a Movie File

    Lesson 4: OPTIMIZING & PUBLISHING (37 min)
    1. Preparing to Publish
    2. Looking at the Flash Tab in the Publish Settings
    3. Adjusting the HTML Settings
    4. Finishing Up the Publish Settings
    5. Publishing Using Dreamweaver®
    6. Posting Your Files on the Server
    7. Synchronizing Changes
    8. Final Comments & Credits

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